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NEW- Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 Download and Info

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NEW- Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 Download and Info Empty NEW- Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 Download and Info

Post  Charco Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:41 am

Streets of Rage Remake v5.2.

NEW- Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 Download and Info Title_11

NEW- Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 Download and Info New_me10

Here is the list of new remixes and original tracks for v5.2 thanks to BGM1401:
05. The Prologue
06. In The Bar
08. Up and Up
13. Moon Beach
25. The Super Three
30. Bulldozer
31. Too Deep
33. Alien Power
34. Dilapidated Town
40. Wave 131
45. Waterfront
47. Stealthy Steps
48. Beatnik On The Ship
51. The Poets II
77. Beat Ambience

Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 contains approximately 300 additional bugfixes, tweaks, gameplay improvements, and new features over the original v5.1 release. Download the full update at the ink below.

Main New Features of Streets of Rage Remake v5.2.

- Full 16:9 widescreen support for the main game and for Sormaker mods
- 15 New tracks (both remixes and original) from BGM1401
- New scenes added and graphics updated throughout the game
- All new intro and updated graphics for endings, main menu, and shop
- AI has been hugely improved, providing a better challenge and better balance
- Achievements added
- Overhauled menu layout with submenus and all new options
- Choice of Remixed or Retro OST

Some new scenes in v5.2:
Water Fountain
NEW- Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 Download and Info Lhnxt72

Wastelands (Walking)
NEW- Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 Download and Info 5QCdfnh

Jetski Ride (Island Hopping)
NEW- Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 Download and Info WgpzHT3

Please take some time to read the bugtrack to see all of the bugfixes, game improvements, and new features of the v5.2 build.

I will update this topic with the main new features, screenshots etc. as we find them  Very Happy


Important info for Streets of Rage Remake v5.2: DO NOT use an old save file from previous versions of the game. It is recommended to start a fresh save with v5.2.

Download link for Streets of Rage Remake v5.2 full game:

Here is the bugtrack detailing the improvements and fixes from v5.1 to v5.2:
Bugtrack from v5.1 to v5.2:

5.1 => 5.2
256. Enemy items such as swords now disappear after 4 falls (first time + 3 tries), sor3 weapon mode depends on the remaining energy.
257. Enemies can activate Bamboo garden traps now, the activation delays a bit for enemies.
258. Bug-fix: Enemy shadow entrance.
259. Added cutscene for Stage 6 Scene 6 (if you skip the bike path).
260. Roll has been modified to 20 invincibility frames of 24 possible ones (previously 3).
261. Added "Compatible Modes" option to the AI Editor (applies all the changes to Main game, Survival, and Sormaker).
262. The AI editor can be purchased in the shop now.
263. Barbon's throws are less frequent now.
264. Abadede does less throws and defensive specials now.
265. Small boost to Yamato.
266. Donovan Sor2/3 and Cody uppercut a bit less frequently.
267. Bug-fix: When pressing 2 or more keys in the Color Editor (number input mode).
268. Trucker now has a punch combo instead of an infinite jab.
269. Thrown bikes have a smaller collision box now.
270. Sormaker fix: Player entrance at the beginning of a stage can stop Jack idle stances, probably some other enemies.
271. Bug-fix: Some enemies disappear when they are hit by the police car (Abadede when running).
272. Added Exit option on main menu.
273. Removed fpg dot, loading times should be shorter.
274. Added ammo option for guns (Menu options are: yes, no, ammo).
- Enemies will drop ammo while the player is holding a gun and you defeat a few of them.
- Ammo may drop a maximum of 3 times per scene.
- Compatible in the main mode and Sormaker when infinite ammo is disabled.
- Picking up the ammo provides 1000 points (unarmed).
275. Sormaker: Added support for custom enemy palettes.
- Create a file called "enable_pal" on the main folder of your mod. (no file extension)
- Create palettes/enemies folder and drop your files inside.
- If you want to replace Abadede palette 3, keep abadede.pal (reference) and abadede3.pal (palette).
- The game will load the missing palettes from the original directory.
276. Added enemy aggressiveness to the AI Editor.
- From 1 to 9, provides different ranges to the timing of attacks.
- Remake: Original settings.
- If teamwork is enabled and evade set to "ignore thrown weapons" or "ignore harmful events" they will have a more relaxed walking AI.
277. Sormaker: "Press Start Button" text removal from title screen.
- Create a file called "no_pstart" on main mod folder. (no file extension)
278. Bug-fix: AI walking circles will not work properly on Hardest and Mania difficulties.
279. Enemies are a bit more precise when walking close to or surrounded by walls.
280. Shiva Sor3 improvement on his 2 star blitz attack, it should connect a bit better now.
281. Sormaker: Added custom select player screen.
- Create "custom_screen.png" in the main folder to replace some graphics on a fixed screen (320x240 for 4:3 and 416x240 for 16:9).
- Create "custom_scroll.png" in the main folder to replace the original scroll. (320x240 for 4:3 and 416x240 for 16:9)
- Both pngs can be used at the same time, use the alpha channel (000) on custom_screen.png for transparency.
282. Sormaker: Added behaviour of 3D platforms.
- Create a file "stage1a_noplat3d", where "stage1a" is the number of the stage, to prevent the player or enemy to reach a platform at different level when falling down.
283. Fix Juggler axes and fire torch on shadow entrance, no noise when they throw them and hit nothing.
284. Increased damage for Donovan and Galsia Sor3 punch to 4HP, like Sor2 versions, previously was 2.
285. Align Z priority of the train. (Sor3 railroad)
286. Fix on controls menu, "Series" was meant to be for the X button, "Combo" is the final combo of the Y button.
287. Xbox port fix:
- Set "system = XBOX;" on mod/system.txt, otherwise it will crash.
- If you want to use a PC savegame set default controls on XBOX mode and then copy the file on to Xbox.
- 2nd joystick works as mouse on the in-game editors, joystick button for exiting the game.
- 1,5MB of extra RAM, maybe more stable.
288. Added some missing voices on Audio options > Voice test.
289. Added "ANDROID" tag on system.txt.
- Enemy AI tweaks, the enemies will walk and attack slower.
- SOR3 Exceptions disabled by default, the playable characters can run diagonally.
290. Other options set to default:
- Guns set to ammo mode.
- Roll set into sor3 mode. (better range than bk3)
291. Improved roll input action, should be easier to perform under some conditions. (be hit, after a jump or special)
292. Fixed some music fade outs, like Shiva fight (sor2 route).
293. Removed V4 gallery artworks from the game, as the artworks were pretty old.
- Replaced by cutscene viewer item that now costs 20,000.
- Added AI Editor as an unlockable. (99999)
294. Changed boss music of Stage 4 Scene 11 and Stage 4 Scene 7 (Sor3 boss music).
295. Improved enemy AI circles and speed precision, sometimes they may happen outside the character.
296. Bug-fix: If the last Particle dies from a self destruction of another Particle the game does not take a snapshot for the Screens of Rage.
297. Removed Volleyball mode.
- Replaced by CPU friend item in the store.
298. Fixed road tracks on the bulldozer, sometimes they pop up or get glitched.
299. Storm Sor2/3 tweak, now they don't hit with the bike at an entrance.
300. Fire from police call, added a missing fire on the top center.
301. Improved Stage Start effect (like Sor3).
302. Yellow Signal Sor2/3 passive on Stage 1. (Except on Hardest and Mania difficulty, AI editor should be disabled for main mode)
303. Improved sync between layers and main scroll when earthquakes happen.
304. Improved the sync between scroll and items / objects / enemies / characters on boat stages.
305. Fixed missing frame on Beta Max when performing A forward attack.
306. Fixed Skate Sor3 vault animation code.
307. Fixes on several bad sprite rips of characters and enemies
308. Added back grab frame to Shiva Sor3 (Enemy).
309. Improved transition on the animation when the bottle is broken.
310. Added unused Zan animation to replace the grab combo ender.
311. Bug-fix: Neo X does not always fall when the player dies.
312. Improved Big Ben/Bongo fall on a failed attempt of a throw.
313. Bug-fix: Rudra can do damage to Bongo on a failed throw.
314. Bug-fix: When pausing and unpausing randomly the cutscene text and portrait may stay permanently on screen.
315. Added unused Electra BK3/Sor3 frame, get up after a jump.
316. Added Antonio taunt from Sor1.
317. Added pipe object to Stage 8 Mr.X fight.
318. Bug-fix: Inactive objects (past screen) can be hit with thrown weapons, acting as an invisible wall.
319. Bug-fix: Sor1 trolley can hit the wall at the end of Stage 8 Sor1, even when released at the beginning.
320. Sor1 Garcia now does his pipe attack and sound from Sor1 (no knockdown, damage changed to 16 instead 24).
321. Added a missing frame to Skate BK3 pipe attack.
322. Bug-fix: On 2p mode you can't pause the game with your pad if you got a Game Over.
323. Max atomic drop causes high noise when hit several enemies at the same time.
324. Bug-fix: Storm bike will fly if he is hit by an explosion earlier than his jump out (improved some physics on bikes as well).
325. Bug-fix: Enemies jumping out from the Ash boat have the wrong Z priority and bad shadows when knocked down from the air.
326. Bug-fix: Enemies can get stuck on conveyor belts at certain walking speeds.
327. Cosmetic bug: Some items won't follow the secret elevator platform in the baseball stadium.
328. Cosmetic fix: Yamato blinks when he dies, some sync fixes on blur effects.
329. Ninja Sor3 should cause a knockdown when he jumps and punches.
330. Improvements on Tiger AI (Sor3) :
- He can do kick combos without hitting the player now.
- His kick attacks have better range, he usually fails to hit the player.
- After a jump attack miss he may try to do a normal kick at the same position.
331. Bug-fix: Roll set to Sor3 (instead of BK3) won't slide on walls.
332. Axel Sor2/3, Blaze Sor3, Skate Sor2/3, Roo, Ash knife/kunai attack now hits on the first frame.
333. Axel Sor3, Blaze Sor3, Skate Sor3, Roo, Ash knife/kunai throw attack hits on the first frame, then releases the weapon. (Sor3)
334. Items are synced to all blink at the same time.
335. You can't grab 1 or 2 player while they are sneezing.
336. Blaze can't grab the player while doing a sword blit (worked for enemies).
337. Improved delay of fade screens for ranking, battle, boss rush, and other modes.
338. Increased throw distance for Axel, Adam, Shiva, Max, and Ash in counter back grabs.
339. Fixes to Zamza:
- Better range of attack.
- Missing attacks when he is a normal enemy instead of a boss.
- Improved idle animation.
- Better AI.
340. Cosmetic fix: Ash Z priority on the boat jump.
341. Improved Robot X rocket auto aim.
342. Improvements on Bike / Jetski controls.
- Improved physics.
- Different AI for basic enemies.
- Dash move now is performed by double tap instead of A button (more intuitive).
- Enemy jump fall may vary depending on the last attack of the previous scene.
- Added blur for the dash move.
- Other fixes.
343. Fixed some Axel glitches when you grab a Donovan jumping from a sewer without letting him move.
344. Fixed small delay on characters that use a different walking animation holding a weapon and walking to the next scene.
345. Added XINPUT controls by default for pads.
346. Fixed a glitch when holding another player and doing a grab kick at the moment they have to walk to the next scene.
347. Fixes when enemies grab items/objects from the ground.
348. Added new idle poses for Axel and Skate Sor 2.
349. Fixed wrong animations for Axel, Blaze and Skate Sor3 when using the plank, pipe, and other weapons.
350. Fixed wrong floor positions for Jet Sor2, Jet Sor3, and Rocket when they take a hit that does not cause a knockdown.
351. Fix: The players can jump now in the safe space in the tunnelway.
352. Fix: Roo won't escape if you first defeat the clown on Boss rush mode.
353. The sniper can't shoot on the corner of the Sor2 Stage1 now (no visibility).
354. Fix: The bike dash attack does not hit on the top or the bottom of the screen.
355. Now you can cancel a bike dash with a wheelie move.
356. Ninjo can do uppercuts to block air attacks now.
357. Added Bruce laugh when the player is knocked down by a long whip attack.
358. Bug-fix: Bamboo garden traps can hit in wrong Z positions.
359. The rain does not splash now inside walls or pits.
360. Bug-fix: Roo calling police at the beginning of some stages may freeze the game.
361. Added a missing idle frame to Ash character and enemy.
362. Added widescreen compatibility and converted all V5 stages for proper display.
363. Added widescreen compatibility for Sormaker:
- Create a file called "enable_widescreen" in Sormaker mod folder to allow the mod to run in widescreen mode.
364. Cosmetic bug: Roo stops moving on the Sor3 conveyor belt on the fall down recovery.
365. Cosmetic fix: The police call on Stage 6 Sor2 is more fancy now.
366. Enemies no longer drop items in Boss Rush or Events mode.
367. Game-breaker fix: Grabbing the police item on the prologue stage when the camera did not yet reach the end of the stage.
368. Bug-fix: Enemies can grab the police item on prologue stage.
369. Bug-fix: On Mania difficulty when Particle has a drop down entrance and falls close to you, he may get stuck and not react.
370. Blaze Sor2 double knife attack is no longer interrupted by enemies on Mania difficulty.
371. Fixed some enemy falls to pits, they may stop moving horizontally on the edges.
372. Bongo and Big-Ben will do the fire attack less frequently.
373. Shiva Sor2/3 will do final crash less frequently.
374. Improved particle FX effect.
375. Rudra enemy now can do anti-air kicks.
376. Storm Sor3 won't hit with the bike on the recovery frames (not only recovery animation).
377. Added portraits for Beta Max.
378. Added new broken frame for the sign object.
379. Added new bin for the dark park.
380. Improved weapons/items collisions against walls, the bounce and detection.
381. Improved the way of rendering weapons when they are at an angle.
382. Fixed some wrong sprite rips on weapons.
383. Added HQ Voice option (only few voices available).
384. Added original soundtrack option (retro/remixed).
385. Added new collision options:
- Hitbox Sor2, improved Sor2 hitbox with Sor2 spark and position.
- Hitbox Sor3, original Sor3 hitbox with a few tweaks with Sor3 spark and position.
- Auto Sor2, old autogenerated hitboxes of SORR (Sor2 spark mode), compatible with char/enemy Sormaker mods.
- Auto Sor3, old autogenerated hitboxes of SORR (Sor3 spark mode), compatible with char/enemy Sormaker mods.
386. Improved behaviour of Big-Ben (Sor2) when the laugh is triggered.
387. Added an exclusive frame for Electra Sor3 when Blaze is performing a front slam.
388. Changed the punch behaviour of Abadede, he can do more or less punches before performing a combo ender.
389. Changed Ash behaviour, he can go idle more frequently now.
390. Bug-fix: You can select the same character, version, and palette on the continue menu when the cheat "select same character" is enabled. (palettes should not match)
391. Improved Bongo & Galsia team attack:
- Galsia now bounces following Bongo walking.
- Previously Bongo was limited to Galsia slot 2 for a team attack, now any Galsia can call him.
- Sometimes Bongo could walk in team animation without Galsia.
- On the collision map Galsia could fall in the bottom or in wrong Z positions.
392. Barrels in the construction site can hit when they are slighty off the screen while they can miss a hit at the bottom area.
393. Bug-fix: The progress of some alternate routes in the main game are saved in the savegame instead the savestate, when lauching SORR from Sormaker it will overwrite and lose that information.
394. Enemies are aware of an attack fail: punch, kick, shoot, and won't get stuck trying it again after a while.
395. Some knockdowns can face the opposite wrong side (like Ninja kunai dash attack).
396. Added new breathing animation for Galsia Sor2 and Slash when holding a knife or other weapons.
397. Electra Sor3/BK3, Garnet, and Soozie will not jump back at the edges or out of the screen.
398. Signal Sor1 has a long range slide attack now, he can attack from far distances like in Sor1.
399. Bug-fix: Characters and enemies can get stuck in collision maps while doing certain diagonal movements.
400. Improved enemy hurt animation in all grab attacks.
401. Bug-fix: Pause delay and some hit attacks can fail when doing a special while the enemy is still stunned by a grab attack.
402. Added background and other enhacements to SELECT ROUTE in between stages.
403. Added some missing FX and voices when the enemy grabs from behind and you do a kick and throw.
404. Enemy AI walking deccelerates on short target movements giving them a less nervous behaviour.
405. First attack priority on player blitzes is now only available on collision type "AUTO SOR2/3".
406. Improved the Jungle jetski stage.
407. Ash super run can go faster as long he keeps running.
408. Big-Ben/Bongo flames can hit walls and vanish now.
409. Bug-fix: Bongo can get dizzy without even starting his rotating attack if he is walking too close to a wall.
410. Yamato can perform Ninpo Kagami no Mai on the top and bottom of the screen now.
411. Bug-fix: Yamato clone 1 is vulnerable while performing his intro.
412. The unlocked character versions by default are SOR2 in a new game now.
413. Unlockable characters cost 99999 in the store while Event mode is 50000.
414. Jack/Hakuyo close range punches and Ninja sword attacks will happen more frequently now.
415. Enemies can appear from left to right on Survival mode now, besides falling from the sky.
416. Added a trophy system, a total of 26 trophies have been added classified in gold, silver, and bronz.
417. Added a trophies viewer under the Ranking menu option.
418. Now it is more difficult to grab Galsia 1/2/3 with a knife, they have reduced range.
419. Added slow AI mode when run and roll is disabled.
420. When Blaze is sleeping the store song won't play from audio options.
421. Fixed colours in some in-game fonts.
422. Improved the main intro and some endings.
423. Bug-fix: A hit may sound each time you enter the computer room when the control panel is broken.
424. Jet Sor2/3 and Rocket can get stuck in some cases while flying close to a wall, pit, or an object.
425. The dust and other effects now syncs with the road speed on bike stages.
426. Lasers from Particle and P1 now have proper speed.
427. Improved Dr.Dahm animation when the hook is getting damaged and about to break.
428. Some fixes on Stage 8 Scene 5, elevator button behaviour, some object positioning depending on the different entrances.
429. Bug-fix: Grab enemy cancels the remaining recovery frames of the player.
430. Sormaker: Create an empty file called "auto_widescreen" to allow the game to hack some positions like enemy walking, so the whole SMK stage does not need to be adapted to 16:9 mode.
431. Enemies show an exclamation when they are about to steal an item now.
432. Fixed several issues with the camera in both SOR2 and SOR3 modes.
433. Screens of Rage picture save (defeat boss) is delayed until stage clear, some old consoles like Xbox suffered when saving in real time.
434. Now you can hold the B button and the machine gun will shoot as soon as idle pose.
435. Particle/P1 should shoot lasers less frequently now.
436. Added controller layout, when enabled Accept and Back will use the on screen buttons that correspond to the pad, instead of Jump/C as Accept.
- Can be found in the control menu
- Supports Xbox, PS4, PSP/PS2 pads, MEGA pads are considered generic (C always Accept, B always Back)
437. Added attack damage option:
- Balanced will apply a percentage of penalty and bonus to damage and throws depending on the character version and some settings such as pause delay, SOR3 exceptions, and Run & Roll
- Original is the original values from the trilogy besides the possible SORR tweaks to them
439. Set default settings is a button now
- DEL key always triggers the option if available
- A confirmation message pops up to accept the changes
440. Bug-fix: If the enemy cancels a player grab without damage the player won't be able to grab again until he stays in idle.
441. Press Cancel to speed up in-game intros.
442. Improved AI walking of Galsia 1/2/3 when using a knife close to pits or walls.
443. Bulldozer tweak notes:
- The bulldozer does not have initial intro on the construction site now (he steps back on the intro, that was the Trucker intro in the warehouse)
- Changed animation of Donovan, in the original game he had a stunned animation that only happens when he hit a wall, now that happens also when you hit the bulldozer
444. Some OGG artifacts should be fixed now when intro+loop (not all them).
445. Many stages received original asset replacements specifically for SORR v5.2.
446. Bug-fix: Clown used to do 4-throw torch out of the screen, sometimes the torches did not show.
447. Bug-fix: 2P enemy name/life bar can show while the CPU is in a waiting state.
448. Sormaker Bug-fix: CPU friend won't hit walls on a stage with forced auto-camera.
449. Sormaker bug-fix: If walls are used in a stage with auto-camera the characters could get stuck outside the screen.
450. Sormaker editor: Fixed WALKING TO position (the Max icon).
451. CPU friend should be less nervous when walking on conveyor belts on a collision map with pits.
452. Bug-fix: Rounded shadow may not display for some enemies depending on their entrance.
453. Added AI Sprite limit check option:
- Allows a maximum number of enemies per line (smart 16bit rendering), forcing the rest to stay away whenever possible.
454. Added AI Global attack delay option:
- When enabled, this sets a delay where globally all the enemies won't attack if the player was knocked down. This can be broken individually if the player attacks the enemy. This delay applies individually to 1P and 2P.
455. Added AI Free roam option:
- When enabled, the enemies will have another walking mode allowing them to walk slowly and selectively across the screen.
456. VSYNC notes:
- Working on Windows XP
- Not working on Windows 7/8/8.1, but if desktop composition is enabled and desktop has vsync, try BORDERLESS_SYNC mode (system.txt)
- Windows 10 seems to have better support, SDL surface has vsync by default, but it is not perfect, enabling BORDERLESS_SYNC may fix completely
- Working on XBOX (OG)
- Working on Linux and should do on Linux-based consoles
- This game can suffer frame pacing and stuttering depending on the system, if BORDERLESS_SYNC does not help, try disabling Windows composition/effects
457. Added a new weapon special for Max (A+forward). (Pipe/Plank/Bat)
458. Ninja Sor2/3 should throw ninja stars less frequently now.
459. Vehelits and Neo X will ignore collisions with objects now, since these stop their way of moving.
460. Mr.X may ignore some of the AI options, this is not a bug, its a feature, he is such a badass.
461. Ash train easter egg will trigger only if you saw the stage previously and you started the game at least 5 times.
462. Added new stage: Water fountain.
463. Replaced the construction site walls for glasses on the hurry up lab.
464. Improved the ending of the stage hurry up: The players run at the end and explosions spread all around.
465. GO! will not happen in stages with automatic camera such as Hurry up lab.
466. Cosmetic bug-fix: Some effects like dust or sparks can be seen above the front layers in some stages.
467. Improved Max B weapon blitz, changed sprites so he can do it now for pipe/bat/plank.
468. Improved Prologue stage, added some new extras.
469. Improved water drops, the alignment was wrong, the splash was missing, and they should collide early on the ground.
470. Improved Zan machine gun animation.
471. Particle/P1/Seeker/Fat Sor1 will ignore collisions with objects, that should make them move smoothly on the floor.
472. Added new items on vanilla SOR1 route to raise more store points.
473. Shiva Sor2/3 should the defensive roundhouse kick less frequently.
474. Small fix on SOR shadows.
475. Added Antonio as an extra boss on the SOR3 Sunset stage (replaces one of the extra Rockets that only appeared in 2P mode).
476. Sitting enemies will wait for the player to be in the X area but Z will be ignored like SOR2 now, be careful if you use them in Sormaker on diagonal big maps, they will stand earlier.
477. Fixes to Skate Sor3 katana and plank attacks.
478. Zan CPU friend will not throw energy balls now, hurting himself and the 1P most of the time.
479. Sormaker: RobotX/Mr.X machine gun sound now uses the same channel which may help when adding many of them in a mod.
480. Sormaker fix: Sor3 railroad used the same channel as ambient sound, stopping it from playing.
481. Improved Donovan train entrance. (from the bottom)
482. Added some enemies while reaching the top floor of the Sor1 elevator that had a lack of action for more than 10 seconds.
483. Improved performance of the Sor3 Forest stage which should be noticiable on Xbox.
484. Life and police call are restored now when falling from stage 8 to stage 6. (Mr.X Sor1)
485. Bug-fix: Enemy refilled life when stealing food could be wrong depending on the lifebar setting.
486. Sormaker: bloody corpses may not fall in the middle of the sky, were the sky is supposed to be a green wall.
487. Sormaker: Added wide support for title screen  and credits.
- This is not a replacement, title.png and credits.png must be there
- title_wide.png for title in widescreen, compatible sizes: 320x240 and 416x240
- credits_wide.png for the credits
488. Improved the way the enemies enter the screen and how they behave in the corners.
489. Roll move could be triggered by mistake, usually with Rudra, now the timer is restarted when pressing left or right. (Sor3)
490. Some stages had empty spaces between layers when the screen shakes showing a blank or garbage.
491. Fixed a few glitches when calling police with Elle, Rudra, or Ash in stages like the Sor2 beach.
492. When damage players is disabled, the player won't get damaged by enemy grab/throws from the other player now, Adam throw kick included.
493. Bug-fix: Yamato standing up after a knockdown can fail if he is at the bottom of the screen.
494. Added full screen wide options on system.txt: (this is user advanced and should not be edited unless you are experiencing issues)
- AUTO, lets the game decide the best option
- DESKTOP, forces full screen to be stretched at the desktop resolution
- BORDERLESS, exclusive full screen mode, note that window mode will be overwritten and will NOT work on this setting, not even in 4:3 mode
- BORDERLESS_SYNC, same behaviour as before plus a patch that could possibly fix vsync/frame pacing issues
495. Enemies may not fall at all when they are close to a wall or inside a yellow platform and Rudra performs a backgrab jump.
496. Game Breaker: Rudra can get stuck in walls if she does a backgrab jump while the enemy is inside a wall.
497. Improved Rudra (character) attacks with knife/kunai/broken bottle, more frames can hit, when throwing the weapon it can hit if closer before releasing it.
498. Replaced SOR2 chicken with SOR1 chicken on the SOR1 elevator.
499. Added special letters and symbols for the cutscene font.
- New letters: ÑÿâêîôûÂÊÎÔÛäëïöüÄËÏÖÜÇçàèìòùáéíóúÀÈÌÒÙÁÉÍÓÚ
- This allows proper Spanish, French, etc., for cutscenes
- NOTE: Only white cutscene fonts, which had proper spacing blue/gold tile size from the menu remains the same
- Spanish cutscene text improved
500. Bug-fix: Electrocution noise sounds twice on characters (thus increasing the volume of it).
501. New intro, new title screen, new endings, some new art was added (all original, made for this version).
502. 15 new songs were added: some remixes, some new songs (all original, made for this version).
503. Enemies are stunned for 30 tics now (it was 27 before).
504. Improvements to the Sor2 combo system, which may help a bit with Max.
505. Bug-fix: 2P can join as the same 1P character even with the cheat disabled under some conditions.
506. Improvements to the throws and the side the enemy faces when knocked down, some slightly tweaked from the originals.
507. Fixed infinite jab when player 1 is hitting a wall and player 2 is performing a special.
508. Added team attacks for Mr.X, Ash, and Electra throws.
509. CPU friend should have less problems with the Mr.X SOR1 door.
510. Bug-fix: 1P or 2P can still continue after defeating the opposing player on the Mr. X ally fight (SOR1 route).
511. Improvements to the duplicated boss cheat:
- Now they are an exact replica of the original boss except for the palette, they have the same intro
- Fixed some glitches and the possibility of bosses being stuck in walls
- Not all the bosses are compatible, like Mr.X, Shiva, Rudra, Yamato, Twins..
- There are rules whenever they could happen or not, in Sormaker if the enemy limit was reached, the boss won't be cloned to avoid unwanted behaviour
512. Sormaker: Fixed free camera, can go up and down at any position now, regardless of whether 1P or 2P.
513. Added a new enemy HP table, based on difficulty for the main game:
- Weak enemies get a bump of +8 for each higher difficulty (inspired by BK3, but only hard, hardest, and mania difficulties are affected)
- Strong enemies do -16 easy, +16 hard, +16 hardest, +32 mania (tweak, they are less common)
- Playing solo or 2P affects enemy life, +16hp weak enemies, +24hp strong ones
- Note: values are accumulative, mania 2P mode would add 64+ to a strong enemy
- Boss life, similar behaviour to v5.1 (easy 1.5x life bar, normal 2x, hard 2.5x, hardest 3x, mania 4x, there are some enemy exceptions, like tedious fights: Yamato x3, Twins on the waterfall stage.)
514. Added HP table for Sormaker:
- Create a file called "enable_hp" or "enable_hp_bk3" in your root mod folder to enable it
- enable_hp will use the in build table designed for this game
- enable_hp_bk3 will use the original bk3 life increase, +8 each difficulty level (build your game with easy lifebars in mind)
515. When the player dies the invincibility frames of the enemies are removed for a short time, exception: only when they are walking or on idle (that fixes death SOR type).
516. Bug-fix: When you grab an enemy it may display the wrong name if another enemy was hit by a previous unfinished action, like throwing someone, dropping a grenade, etc.
517. If 2 grenades impact each other when flying they wont explode now, that was an issue with bikers blowing up suddenly because they were throwing them closer.
518. Fixed lifebar glitch when pausing and unpausing, specially when using machine gun.
519. CPU friend is smarter when using a machine gun now.
520. Improved some character animation offsets:
- Zan frontal throw
- Blaze Sor1 flip
- Axel Sor1 frontal grab, grab kick, supplex
521. Bug-fix: If you take an alternate route in 2P mode and some wild enemy appears, 2P had to defeat him before moving to the next stage.
522. Fixed duplicated knife when Jack or Slash are getting a knife from their pocket but the animation is stopped by a hit.
523. Fixed glitch at the end scene of the baseball stadium, if you hold the 2P player at the bottom of the floor.
524. Workaround to prevent some game crashes when switching resolution or video filters continously in-game. (F1-4 keys, alt+enter and F8 snapshot buttons)
525. Fixed instant standing up of Jet Sor2/3 and Rocket when performing Rudra back kick throw attack.
526. Big Ben Sor2, Bongo Sor3, Jack, and Robot X (non-boss) - improved the way they laugh when the player is knocked down in 2P mode, previously they changed target earlier, this could still happen if the other player is close to them.
527. Lasers can't be deflected now by throwing a weapon or shooting them, that fixes a bug of Particle/P1 lasers getting cancelled by other enemy lasers as well.
528. Improved the shading of Signal Sor1 sprites, replaced 2 frames.
529. When Attack damage is balanced and the Gauge is enabled penalties have changed:
- If pause delay is forced to SOR2, the penalty raises 75% of the BK3 table, this option balances the lack of fast response and thus be sorrounded easily
- If pause delay is in combined mode, the penalty works individually, SOR1/2 character versions have 75% penalty
- If pause delay is set to anything else, a 100% penalty is applied
530. Improved the way CPU senses the items and other objects on screen:
- In the Main game the CPU finds them easily now, the game is designed for that
- In Sormaker the CPU hates items and objects close to or surrounded by walls and will ignore them
531. Elle damage has been tweaked to be more balanced, blitz 2/3 attacks are less spammable.
532. Abadede has been tweaked to do his run attack only when he is on screen.
533. Added enemy swap for Sormaker:
- This is a very basic replacement, in mod/resources folder, electra_sor1.fpg has been added as an example.
- Drop the fpg file in the root of the mod folder, this replaces the enemy
- Collisions and other features needs control points to work:
000 - Sprite alignment
001 - Weapon position
002 - Impact hitpoint
006/007 - Footprints
- If you are using Auto Sor2/3 collisions you are good to go, collisions are autogenerated with that given information, proper hitboxes of x0,x1,y0,y1 with internal custom values
- New hitbox Sor2/3 needs manual input:
003 - x0/y0
004 - x1/y1 (these are width/height)
- The colours of the replacement sprite must match the colours of the original sprite for this to work.
- The fpg file must be 8bit, this is mandatory, otherwise things like shadows, some effects or palettes won't work.
534. The game has been balanced for the default settings in all difficulties in this current state, if you are unsure of which ones they are, reset the game options and AI editor.
535. Fixed a weird delay when the player is attacking with a weapon and turns back to idle, this was more noticiable with Elle.
536. Bikers should jump off the bike when they are more visible now, increased the range so the player can react and dogde the bike as well.
537. Disabling Global attack delay (AI option) enables a very slow walking AI when run & roll is disabled that could make the challenge a bit more fair.
538. Seeker has been redone from scratch for this version, with new full sprite set.
539. Improved the baseball stadium screen, it now displays death counts for a brief time and has other features.
540. Added some new exclusive animations made for this version:
- Max has a new running animation and weapon attack
- Adam has new a 2 star blitz
- Some moves were changed or improved
541. Added a 1UP in the helicopter.
542. CPU may lose less lives in the helicopter now.
543. Dr. Zero's hook is damaged earlier so that may lead to a more interesting battle.
544. Added some extra items to the Entertainment Street stage and Bongo eating a burger in the restaurant always drops a burger now (that rectifies the lack of food at the beginning of the scene).
545. Fixed a possible bad falling position when the player dies at the same time as the boss in stages with collision maps.
546. Abadede only uses the spoon on normal and easy now (previously it was all difficulties, however he keeps the throw for all difficulties, and he never performs the suplex on easy)
547. Bug-fix: You could grab some frames that you were not allowed to with certain enemies, most noticiable is the Yasha & Onihime back flip.
548. Plenty of assets used, based on or inspired by other games but SOR original or tributes/easter eggs have been replaced and redone from scratch:
- Layers, floor graphics and other details in stages (not all of them are gone, but plenty of work has been done here).
- All the images from the Profile viewer except Rudra have been redone.
- Some sprite animations, as mentioned previously in this bugtrack (Max running, Zan grab kick, etc.).
549. Theatre and SOR fade type did not turn completely black at the end of transition, noticeable on slow systems like Xbox.
550. Vehelits could bounce in the wrong direction when hit by a thrown player or enemies.

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