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resident evil 2 remake is a cute SHIT

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resident evil 2 remake is a cute SHIT Empty resident evil 2 remake is a cute SHIT

Post  cabo-hicks Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:49 pm

when i heard about capcom cancelled a free fangame of resident  evil 2, i feel unhappy. i saw that one of those 2 fan ramakes included the different cameras. the original from the classic resident evil games, and the 3rd person. that will make the game could be enjoyed for the different players and tastes.

but not... capcom will never learn the lesson. Evil or Very Mad

resident evil 2 remake by capcom has very good graphics, but AGAIN that damn stupid 3rd person camera.
how many millions of fps games exist in the world?. no. lets make another one in 3rd person. Suspect Authority Evil or Very Mad Mad

also, re 2 remake just uses the same engine (enhanced) that they already used with resident evil 7. who was a true failure and makes the company lose millions on wall street. Twisted Evil

where is the classic tank mode and original camera who maked resident evil to be resident evil? where are the fixed cameras? where is the original music!? (yes, they even dont used the original music in re2 remake No ).

capcom never learn...

even having a very good resident evil 1 remake, with the same camera, very good graphics and new elements, they did again THE SAME. What a Face Rolling Eyes Evil or Very Mad

honesty, i lose all the interest in this re 2 remake. and in further ones as re 3 remake.

and i really hope, that capcom will fall in bankrup and desappear as sega did in the past. because capcom deserves it!. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

what are your oppionion? anyone here thinks the same than me? Sad

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resident evil 2 remake is a cute SHIT Empty Re: resident evil 2 remake is a cute SHIT

Post  Saven Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:36 pm

Sparkster is not a shit!

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