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Double Dragon 2 Gameboy Mod

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Double Dragon 2 Gameboy Mod Empty Double Dragon 2 Gameboy Mod

Post  Cm_Blast Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:11 am

After playing some double dragon mods I thought about the only two double dragon original games I played. These were Double Dragon 1 and 2 for the Gameboy, so I started as a experiment doing the Double dragon 2 (because is more easy and simple) copying the original black and white backgrounds.

Double Dragon 2 for Gameboy is not an DD based game but a Japanese one, so this game is a little different comparing to a classic Double Dragon: No traps, no weapons, no platforms.

Because of this I had a problem with names (because the enemies are from the japanese game); Right now the enemies don't have names (except the final boss); So if someone have some ideas to name all the guys is welcome.

I got a little problem with the music; I get most of them from youtube, but even that guy dind't have a clearly version of the final boss, you can hear some sounds effects because his attacks. If someone know where get an official ost (or disabling just sounds but no the music in a gameboy emulator). <--- by the way, I looped all the music the best I could.

So here is the deal: The mod is 100% playable and I want people to try it; but you need to do it with some rules because itself the mod is too easy and short.
Rules to play the mod and make it like you're playing the gameboy game:
- Disable run. 
- Use Sor 2 hit pause delay.
- Disable Sor 3 gauge special style.

This is optional
- play with one of the three Sor 1 characters <-- at this moment I only did 1 palette for this trio, so use it.

The game don't have food; so the only way to recover heal is beating a Stage.

Don't worry about the slow pause delay and the absence of food; they are really low in numbers and some bosses are not true Sor bosses.

In almost all the game 1 or 2 enemies are going to appear in the beggining of the all scenes; so if V.Harder/mania players thinks is unfair getting hit by an enemy that barely can see I can change those started enemies for a shadow intro or something similar.

This is it. I am thinking about doing the first game because is the true Double Dragon game(platforms, pits, weapons...), but I started with the second because is more easy and I didn't know how would look the mod at the end (and including both in only one mod).

So, this is some kind of experiment; and maybe using those rules the mod can be good enought to be considered despite just being in black and white.

Here are the links: No images at this moment.

Skydrive: <-- now is called onedrive.


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Double Dragon 2 Gameboy Mod Empty Re: Double Dragon 2 Gameboy Mod

Post  Don Vecta Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:18 am

Someone else got the Double Dragon fever, hehe...


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