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Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr.

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Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. Empty Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr.

Post  Puzirkov Fri Feb 05, 2021 8:44 pm

Link  Very Happy

Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. Kyqvcn10

For those who love 8 bit, the mod for version 5.2 is presented. As always, the mod is brought to perfection. Enjoy the game, comment.

Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. 2k9yf310

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Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. Empty Re: Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr.

Post  SORDave Fri Feb 05, 2021 8:46 pm

Nicely done,looks great I'll try it out. Very Happy


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Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. Empty Re: Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr.

Post  cptPauer Sat Apr 10, 2021 7:28 am

You should give a note in the description about differences with this one. To avoid confusion since names are similar.. Some of old versions of the "Remake" was named like that too. Especially, since you made that on purpose.

Also, your version is v3.3 so it looks like an upgrade (to mine v2.5), but it's not. It's a bit unfair since it's not the same mod, even if some placement of enemies and levels are looks familiar and share the same ideas.

And this is especially weird, since mine version was renamed from "Remake" to "Classic" before, but your version is much more classic then mine ever be, since I redraw most of the levels to 16bit style, sorta.

More than that, you mentioned in readme, that this is "Update of the Double Dragon III Remake mod Russian version". You versions was based on Remake (that I developed from 2014) from the start.
Sure, you can use my mods and ideas (since I declared it as CC0, sorta) but you can thank me for that in readme, at least (If you have a modder's honor). Not just "made by Serr.. and thank Technos".

I do not want that folks (those few who are interested in it) are googled for DD3 mod and think that v2.5 is outdated and abandoned since v3.3 is exist. And I am still working on the "Remake" version.
v2.5 is the most recent version of the original mod, that is developed since 2014. You can't declare original version as outdated.

Why folks are always take mods from me (like Duck Hunt), modify it a bit and rename to own name? What the next? "SORR:Gothic1" by Denis Popov? Is is that hard to write: "thanks to original mod author, I appreciate his effort and tried to improved the mod". Have a heart and some of respects!

Was it impossible to name it like "Double Dragon III: Plus", "Duck Hunt: Remix", "Double Dragon III: EX" instead and give a thanks to all authors that are involved?

But okay, I renamed mine version to a bit different name now, to avoid confusions..
For the sake of sanity, please don't use names that I am using.
That all I asking. And I will appreciate if my nickname will be mentioned in readme, if my assets or ideas are used.

So, your version is: Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr.
(based on "Remake Russian", that is based on mine "Remake v1.5 (English)", I believe).
Mine version is now: Double Dragon 3 (Famicom): Remake v2.5 by Oketado.
additional info:
It's a "public domain" type of mod. Can be renamed if forked. Some forked versions are exist, but I am not responsible for them.
"Famicom" is because of the plot and cutscenes (Princess Noiram, Marion is not involved, etc). Not censored.

About your version of Double Dragon 3..
detailed description:
Brett is impressive on level 1-1. This room is much better made than in my version.
But your version of 1-1 with Brett animations and opened door with a view to the street is great

How could I not have thought to do the same myself.. I used this trick in China level a long time ago, though.

The Brett talking is annoying, though. It's overlap the screen while enemies are attacking. That the reason, why I tried to avoid such type of cutscenes in mine version.

Level 1-2. It's looks like mine a lot, but colors are different and some things are broken (like barrels and elevator). You could use the barrels as objects, not as a background layer.
Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. 2021-010

And how it's done in mine one:
Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. 2021-012

I see now. You can't used barrels as object since they they are too far from the character.
Both versions still can be done better, since a lot of artifacts from "dithering filter" here.

The elevator is better made, but it's look weird in level 1-3. Enemies appear out of nowhere.
Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. 94f426c35635[/url]
That is a great idea, to keep the gate opened.

China level (2-1) is a mess, totally broken with that type of shadow.
2-2 is ugly, but the fire is animated, and the level is much more vanilla than mine. But my version is much prettier =) MHO, of course. At least, no "dithering" artifacts.

Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. 2021-013


Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. E9d3c8bbbf2a

Italy used level 4-2 as filtered with 2xSai but 4-1 is not.
4-1 is ugly, for sure. Too much artifacts from the dithering filter.
4-3 is suffer from dithering filter too. Shadows are broken, MHO.


Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. 75b5661c1eba

Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. 98cf62e1c995

You should use a graphite color for statues too, IMHO. They are yellow for a reason that NES had too limited palette and developers not had a free color to made a statues gray.

Where did you see the sand statues in Rome? Also, there was a Venera statues, originally, but they was censored. Nintendo had a strict rules, even about Greeks statues.

Egypt 2-2 lost a nice "3D effect" from my version. Your version never had it, though, but I miss it.
Level 2-3 is great. Level is atmospheric and nicely redone. level 2-3, with opened door to the next room and shadow from it, is a nice idea.
Lot of dithering filter artifacts, though.
The next room is not that good. And the last room (with mummies) is awful. Too blurry and ugly in general.

Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. E17864b72ee4

Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. 0906b729aa77
Since my version is not recreation of vanilla, I redraw it

Graphic is weird in general.. Too lot of "dithering filter artifacts", for my taste. But sometimes graphics look even better with that style and mod have widescreen support, though. Dots are here and there, but that's okay.
And why it is reflected everywhere, I wonder. Some folks are hate the rain already, but the rain with this type of effect is much worse.

In general, it's a weird mod, but I like it. A lot of work has been done (or redone) and it have some nice ideas like animated doors and Brett.
..and this mod is much closer to vanilla DD3 (it's not always a good thing, though). Someone had to do it (since I don't planned made it this way). A mod that is close to vanilla as much as possible.
But 8bit vanilla music is not suit it well. MHO.

Really, you should called your mod as Double Dragon III: Classic (instead of me) since your goal was to get as close as possible to NES vanilla
..and Remake is a mine vision of the mod, since the plan was to make it look like Battletoads for SNES in comparison with NES. That's why I can't agree than your version is upgrade to "Remake".
You don't follow the plan, so should use a totally different name and not declare it as upgrade for 2.x. It's a downgrade (according to this concept), at least for 1-2, 3-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-3.

P.S. My English is a bit broken


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Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr. Empty Re: Double Dragon III (NES) v3.1 by Serrr.

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