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[Utility] SorR Launcher (english/español)

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[Utility] SorR Launcher (english/español)  Empty [Utility] SorR Launcher (english/español)

Post  Xenovant Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:10 pm

[Utility] SorR Launcher (english/español)  Mct9g2

Yeah, this is another stupid utility of that crazy spaniard and it isn't the last one  Laughing

I'm bored of seeing a lot of shortcuts in my desktop for the same game: one for the game, another one for sormaker, fpgedit, etc., so I have created a simple launcher, now you will only need 1 shortcut for everything.


- Background music

- Animated buttons with sound effects (you can disable all the sounds and the background music in the options menu)

- Multilanguage: english and spanish

- Customizable background: you can use your own background pic. It must be a .jpg pic of 380x550 pixels, named "launcher_bg" and placed in the same folder of this program. I have added this feature with an idea in mind: the creators of the mods will be able to advertise a little their mods creating a background image for this launcher.

This is how the .exes should be placed and named:

folder of the game\
thislauncher.exe         <----the name of this one doesn't matter
Cutscene Maker.exe
Palette Manager.exe

*NOTE* If you open the game or sormaker, the launcher will close itself but if you open one of the utilities it won't close. This is intentional: most of the times you will have to open a lot of utilities at once, not just one, so I thought that this behavior would be better, you won't have to open the launcher 2 or 3 times Razz


Example background: Streets of Rape



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