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SOR Remake 5.2 is good but....

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SOR Remake 5.2 is good but.... Empty SOR Remake 5.2 is good but....

Post  mcfly1990 Fri Nov 24, 2023 9:09 pm

I play sor remake on diferent stages, is not bad, but seems more hard on easy mode, the og streets of rage 1 and 2 are more easy and fast to reach the end of the game.

SOR REMAKE It has more enemies that require more time to reach the end, I also think that the levels are a little more spread out, there comes a point where you better continue later.

For example, in Sor 1 og, after level 7, the elevator at the end ends the level and now in Sor Remake it does not end, they added another level to lengthen it and fight with Shiva who I find very difficult to defeat.

Anyway, I hope they can make something more similar to the original without hordes of enemies to lengthen the game, they make it tedious like this.


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