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Porting SoRR/BennuGD: donations

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Porting SoRR/BennuGD: donations Empty Porting SoRR/BennuGD: donations

Post  danielt3 Sat Sep 16, 2023 4:22 pm

Hello, all!

I'm thinking of setting up some sort of donation infrastructure for me to work in porting the BennuGD to several other platforms, thus making SoRR avaliable on all of them.

Here is how I think it should be done:

  • Code is and will always be opensource: I will release the ports as opensource in Github;

  • People can donate ANY amount. It doesn't matter. They can also do not donate. It is each one's choice;

  • Everyone gets releases: the donation is to help me do the work needed not for donors to have "exclusive" stuff. Releases will be pushed to Github;

  • I will post public information about donations I get with an interval of at most 15 days;

  • There's no need to donate recurrently;

  • I will also publish roadmaps of the work;

  • I will ask public queries about which platforms are to be done next. The winner is just the one who gets more votes (one per forum user);

  • Please, rememeber that I don't have the source code of SoRR. So maybe, I can't fix bugs or implement new stuff for some cases. Said that, I will try my best to improve things;

  • The engine is a powerful generic game engine. You can create your own games with it. You can also run SoRR, of course;

  • I will post detailed instructions about how to install stuff in all platforms;

  • I will also write github wiki pages about how to build the engine.

What do you guys think? Please, provide some feedback.


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Porting SoRR/BennuGD: donations Empty Re: Porting SoRR/BennuGD: donations

Post  Kane Fri Oct 13, 2023 2:21 am

The idea is great. I've always wanted to run this on android natively. Currently I use Vita3k android (PSVita emulator) to play it. Also via Winlator android (PC version) though these are great alternatives, nothing beats native performance.

Last time I asked Daniel the bennu guy to port it and they had a WIP but they seem to have moved on.

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