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[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars

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[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Empty [Tutorial] Custom Lifebars

Post  daniel2221 Wed Nov 10, 2021 3:32 pm

Is possible to customize sorr bars, you can change the visual for your preferences. Some examples:

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Exampl13

How to do this?

First you need three programs, download/install them:

Download these SorR default fpg files too:

Let's start!
Open LBCutter folder. You can see four image files: "lifebar.png", "extrabar.png", "emptybar.png", "playerbar.png". If you want to edit them to create own bars use any software you like, use your creativity. In the example below is used MS Paint to create bars based on Mugen lifebar:

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img0113

Now open LBCutter and click on all buttoms. They will create some folders and files.

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img0211

Go to your your IrfanView folder and copy the directory with the executable name.

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img0311

In LBCutter folder do a right-click on "apply palette.bat" and select "Edit".
On the indicated place paste your directory.

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img0411

Save the file, close the window, and do a double-click on it.
You will see a black cmd window,. Wait for a confirmation message and close the window or press any key.

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img0611

Now we'll start to edit fpg files.
Using Smart FPG Editor open some fpg file with name started with "barra". In this example I opened "barra.fpg". After, choose the option called "View/Edit palette".

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img0711

You will see the fpg palette, it has all colors that images inside the fpg can contains.
Click on "Import colors from file" and choose any bmp file in "lifebar", "extrabar" or "emptybar" folders.

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img0811

The palette will be changed:

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img0911

Close the palette window.
Now we'll start the boring part of the process, add images.
Choose the following option and select at maximum 30 files from respective folder:

  • barra.fpg -> emptybar folder
  • barra_amarilla.fpg -> lifebar folder
  • barra_azul.fpg -> extrabar folder

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img1011

On the selected text box, you need to write the same number from the current bmp file. Press Enter.
Repeat this more times. When the window closes, add more files. Repeat this until all pictures are replaced.

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img1111

Click on "Save" and repeat the same process on the two other fpg files.

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img1211

Now it's time to add player empty bars. Players use individual bars, look:

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img1410

You need to add images from "playerbar" folder to each respective character fpg file.
The emptybar picture code is 301. Note: Roo/Victy and Skate/Sammy have 2 bars, because they have two names, so they have the additional code 302 for japanese version names.
When you add the sprite, you can see on the preview some different colors, this occurs because the bar colors are not in the fpg palette. At this moment I don't know a way to fix it.

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img1610

After you add all player bars to repective fpg files, move them to your sorr "data" folder and it is done!
Play sorr with your custom bars Very Happy.

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Img17f10

I hope you like and start to make your sorr custom bars.
Plase share your lifebars. I would love to play sorr using them  [Tutorial] Custom Lifebars 1f49c .

Lifebar created in this tutorial:

Tutorial updated on 2021/11/17 to solve some grammatical errors.

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[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Empty Re: [Tutorial] Custom Lifebars

Post  bufs Tue Nov 16, 2021 11:03 am

Great tutorial Smile

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[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Empty Re: [Tutorial] Custom Lifebars

Post  Don Vecta Tue Nov 16, 2021 11:05 am

How did I miss this? As always, pretty awesome, Dan!

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[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Empty Re: [Tutorial] Custom Lifebars

Post  Rain Wed Nov 17, 2021 6:28 am

This is Looking good

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[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Empty Re: [Tutorial] Custom Lifebars

Post  Kyu Rain Fri Nov 19, 2021 3:02 am


For anyone that only wants to change the colors of the bar, just:

- open the bar fpg files up with the smart fpg editor (one file at a time, of course)
- go to view/edit palette
- find out which palette color/colors is/are universal on all the fpg images within the file
 mess around with it for a little. I changed mine pretty quickly.
- Change the color(s) to whatever you'd like.
- Save.

Now, you can do this with each character and give them their own unique damage bar color, if you wish.
It uses a very specific palette for the health damage bar color. For Rudra, I chose blue.

[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Screen11
Kyu Rain
Kyu Rain

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[Tutorial] Custom Lifebars Empty Re: [Tutorial] Custom Lifebars

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