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QUIT menu option for all platforms Empty QUIT menu option for all platforms

Post  fredcobain on Thu May 21, 2020 12:37 am

When we port SORR to single boards like Raspberry PI (using Retropie, for example) there is no way to QUIT game without plugging a USB keyboard and pressing ESC key. Sometimes you only want to have your USB (or Bluetooth) controllers plugged into your videogame (or board).

When you assemble/build a nice Arcade machine (running a raspberry inside) it's even more inconvenient to have a USB keyboard plugged into the internal board only for that purpose (quit game).

I know we can alter the system.txt file and choose PSP (as a workaround for that situation). But that solution, unfortunately, disables the 2 player option. =(

Being more specific: Is anybody able to recompile a version that enables the QUIT menu for all platforms?
(I suppose it's a very easy modification to perform into the source code)

Is there another workaround for that situation?

Thanks, guys


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