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Final Rage [Original]

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Final Rage [Original] Empty Final Rage [Original]

Post  Augmented Antics Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:13 am

[Taken from the Bombergames forums where I assumed "DeusX87"]

Well, this took a lot longer than I expected, but here it finally is...Final Fight in the SoR universe. I'm pretty sure most if not everyone has played or at least heard of Final Fight at some point, so I'm pretty sure it needs no formal introduction.

I initially planned to incorporate Final Fights 2 and 3 into this mod like with Rage In Time, but I thought it would be best to just focus on the very first game. Not to mention, Final Fights 2 and 3, to me, always had different aesthetics about them that could clash horribly with FF1. The reason it worked so well in Rage In Time is because all the Turtles games I used the resources from all share assets between one another.

But, anyway, enough of that.

Things to be found:
--About 90 megs compressed, about 169-170 megs decompressed.
--Includes the Arcade, Double Impact, GBA, Sega CD, and SNES versions of the soundtrack. Choose one by simply copying and pasting the soundtrack from the corresponding folder into the main directory of the Final Rage folder. If you're feeling adventurous, you can mix and match songs. The Arcade version of the soundtrack is loaded by default.
--Assumes the Arcade version's placement of enemies. It will get chaotic towards the end of the game if you rush, which was one of the Arcade version's "perks".
--All levels are intact, even bonus stages. However, I had to do off-the-wall bonus stages since you can't punch cars or sheets of glass...

Things not to be found:
--Hmm...can't think of anything right now.

Side notes:
--During the elevator sequence on the Industrial Area stage, I had to transition into another version of the lift because of a glitch. If you beat a boss on an elevator, the game will transition to a black screen while the results play out in the background, and then kick you back to the "Press Start" screen regardless if you have another level afterwards. Modders thinking of using elevators with boss fights might want make a note of that.
--As you may expect, I use Abadedes in place of Andores. However, fighting the Abadedes would become an absolute chore and is extremely frustration inducing. Throughout the game, Abadedes have ultra-nerfed health and most of them may drop food. The only places where they have high health is when they can be thwarted with weapons. Abadedes that join packs are replaced by SoR1 Bongos, as they are less of a pain to deal with (but still a bit a challenge) when leading an army or other powerful/aggravating enemies.
--Some enemies are "classed"; for instance, Axl/Slash will be Slum/Vice and Tiger/Fabio. It's basically an effort to ward off redundancy.

v1.1 Changes
--For those who are interested, a Final Fight palette and name mod is included.
--The frequency of Abadedes has been cut down dramatically, and most of them are replaced by Ashes and SOR1 Bongos. You'll still find a few here and there, but they are still in their respective Boss fights as they initially were.
--Fixed a few oversights in regards to enemy placement, as well as a few other changes and tweaks.

v1.2 Changes
--Some difficulty tweaking that includes more appropriate item placements.
--Fixed some enemy placements and names.
--Abadedes are even less frequent.
--Put a stop just before the exit at Stage 8C. Initially, if you went too far without defeating any enemies, some of them will get stuck in another part of the level.
**I'm going to try to upload the updated files only so the entire mod doesn't have to be re-downloaded. This had some backfire in the Rage in Time mod, but this time, I didn't edit any of the .fpg files. I'm also doing this because it's driving me absolutely bonkers uploading all these different pieces and having to reupload the entire mod itself to all these different file hosts.

Okay, I'm done talking, now. Download below (goes up to v1.1 only. v1.2 is separate and has to be applied over this one):

Palette mod only:

Updated files only (v1.2):

Final Rage [Original] Pic1ot

Final Rage [Original] Pic2ya

Final Rage [Original] Pic3hd

Final Rage [Original] Pic4c

Final Rage [Original] Pic5p
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Final Rage [Original] Empty Re: Final Rage [Original]

Post  LucasHB Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:41 am

Final Fight was a great game. But when you throw SOR in the mix, oh baby! Excellent re-creations of scenery, music (you can choose the version of the soundtrack you want to use!) and overall feel. This mod is kicking ass and taking names. Insanely entertaining.

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