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Your own personal "Mandela Effects" in video games.

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Your own personal "Mandela Effects" in video games. Empty Your own personal "Mandela Effects" in video games.

Post  Cosmo Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:29 pm

Just a note, I am not really a believer in the whole Mandella Effect phenomenon, but I do have experiences from certain games in the past that seem to differ what they are now, and I find it might be interesting to learn what others have. I wouldn't go about putting up things you thought were a certain way but you discovered either what it really was (unless you find out after the post), or some wrong idea you had due to false information in the past, or even things you got mixed up, but rather things you swear you remember being different, and that memory is very solid and clear, like it was very real, but with no explanation, are somehow different now.

Here are mine.

Streets of Rage 2: I have a very distinct memory of playing this game as a young kid and you being able to play as the 2 player duel mode palettes in the main game. I especially have a distinct memory of playing as blue blaze while fighting through the main game because it matched with the cover more than her normal red outfit, but years later, after obtaining the genesis once again and getting my hands on SoR2 once again, I went out of my way to find out how to do this, but could never find anything. Even the cheat to play as the same character in 2 player mode keeps the same palette among both players.

Streets of Rage 3: Now granted, unlike SoR2, we didn't own this game, it was merely a off and on rental, but there are things that stand out.

Stage 2-2 I seem to recall staying dark for a longer period of time rather than flashing dark a few times briefly, and rather than have it frequently switch dance lights, It seemed like after staying dark for about 8 or so seconds, the wacky moving lights would randomly show up for about maybe...4 seconds? I also seem to recall the music being more bassy and more quiet.

Stage 7-1 A I remember my brothers playing this and getting as far as a morning forest level, but I seem to recall pits being there rather than those weird tree traps, and it seemed like the pits were obscured by something in the foreground, and I remember my brothers getting a game over here due to the pits.

I also remember my brothers finally beating the game, and one of the ending images featured skate's...well, skates lying on the floor on, what I guess is, a red carpet, and it almost seemed like a window featuring the sun shining through could be seen (the image was in a small box and closer to SoR2's ending images) but years later I could never find such an image.

Street Fighter 2: A game we most certainly owned. We owned the sega version, SCE, but either way, I swear up and down that M.Bison, when doing his psycho crusher, would actually shout "PSYCHO CRUSHERRRR!" in that long drawn out SF2 male voice, but a few years after selling our genesis, we finally got an SNES, and one of the games we got was SF2 Turbo, and I remember asking why Bison isn't shouting "psycho crusher" and they told me he only did that in the later games. I am also trying to decide if I ever remember Guile actually saying flash kick, but I am not too sure on that one.

So yeah, there's my potential destruction of possible reputation. LOL

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Your own personal "Mandela Effects" in video games. Empty Re: Your own personal "Mandela Effects" in video games.

Post  Spooniest Thu Aug 23, 2018 4:15 am

Hm, I know I have one of these, but I'm struggling to call it up atm... . . .

See, it's hard for me, because I have something called an 'idatic memory.' This is colloquially referred to as a 'photographic memory,' but remember, no human being is perfect, and even people with idatic memories have trouble remembering stuff sometimes. They just have a preternatural ability to remember things, which explains how I can learn the words to so many different songs, I guess, lol.

. . . I guess what I'm saying is that my memory is so good, that I usually don't have this happen to me. The technical name for it is a "False Memory." It's kind of ironic that my memory is so sharp that I'm having trouble remembering when I've misremembered something. Heh. Somebody call Alanis Morissette and direct her to the previous sentence for a definition of 'irony.'

... Now that I think about it, most of them were times I misremembered the words to Beatles lyrics, and my Dad would correct me. Now I'm having a 'mad at my Dad' moment. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go scream now.

(Goes, screams)

... Ok I'm back. There is one... I used to think, in the game "Mario Bros," for the NES (that is, Original Mario Bros, not Super Mario Bros), there was a part where someone was playing, and they were on the middle platform of a series of 3 platforms, which were protruding from the right side of the screen. The top platform was short, the middle platform was longer, and the bottom platform was longest. Later on in life, actually playing the game for myself (with an infinite lives cheat), I realized that nowhere in the game does this section exist, and I now think I may have dreamed or hallucinated it.

Kind of scary to think that I was having a hallucination as a 6 year old kid, but I did suffer heat exhaustion once that summer, so that might have done it.

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