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Fight'N Rage

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Fight'N Rage Empty Fight'N Rage

Post  Sshadow5001 Sun Dec 24, 2017 8:42 pm

I'm sure it's been talked about in other topics but I though it deserved it's own topic

Fight'N Rage is a Side Scroller Beat-em up like Streets of Rage and the like, however it has more combo focused gameplay. A typical playthrough takes around 50-70 minutes which is a nice sweetspot for these kinda games. It also features branching paths and 8 different ending, there are 3 main characters Gal, F.Norris and Ricardo which feature fairly different playstyles to each other. you can also unlock enemies as playable characters for Battle and Score Attack mode, though there movesets are limited.

The game is fairly challenging at the start, especially if you're used to Streets Of Rage, everything feels way quicker. The game features special moves very similar to Streets of Rage 3, where you have a gauge that gradually fills and when it's full you can use a special attack without a health penalty. you also have the ability to parry attacks by pressing left or right the moment an attack is set to hit. succesfully performing a parry completely fills your special gauge and is more or less vital on the harder difficulties.

The game is only Available on Steam and is currently 25% off

The Official Soundtrack can be bought on bandcamp and is also 25% off right now

Here's a Live Stream of the game playing as F.Norris on Hard

And a lil combo video I put together showing some combos the game doesn't teach you.

All in all I'm really enjoying the game and I definitely recommend it to any beat em up enthusiast.

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Fight'N Rage Empty Re: Fight'N Rage

Post  SoRFanatic Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:10 pm

It feels like old school arcades, with a few new twists & turns.


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