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Shiva mugger idea.

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Shiva mugger idea. Empty Shiva mugger idea.

Post  graylandertagger Tue Feb 09, 2016 1:07 am

I'm sorry to pitch this since in the past people have been annoyed towards how I pitched idea's here and there, but since Oricle posted an idea of his own, I figured i'd do the same.  Since the community has figured out how to program breakable items there was one idea that popped up in my head.  What if there was a mod where the player is Shiva who escaped from prison(since Shiva's pallete can look like a convict in a jumpsuit) and is a wanted fugitive.  After making it to a syndicate safehouse he finds himself preforming odd jobs for the syndicate.  The twist to this mod?  Instead of breaking items for powerups, you punch civilians(who are breakable items) who in turn hand over their stuff.  Sounds like an interesting idea for a sequal to Battle for Rio 2 where Shiva breaks out of Guantanamo Bay, but Skate has to work undercover with Shiva to discover something even bigger.

I made a pallete for Shiva to suit this idea.  
Shiva mugger idea. 2016-02-08%2017_02_06-Cortana

Also made one for Skate.
Shiva mugger idea. 2016-02-08%2016_56_28-Cortana

Anyone interested in this idea, i'm willing to help out in anyway I can.

Update:Thought up a new pallete for Mr.X. This pallete swat replaces his shirt and tie with a bullet proof vest. The idea is that this enemy whom is usually the final boss in most mods would be a common enemy in the first level whre you escape from Guantanamo Bay. Granted using Mr.X as a regular enemy means that he's going to laugh a lot, but hey. The Big Bens chuckle everytime you get knocked down and the guards in Guantanamo Bay are supposed to be sadistic.
Shiva mugger idea. 2016-02-08%2018_04_54-Cortana

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