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Post  Don Vecta on Thu Oct 31, 2013 5:14 pm

Okay, CajNatalie, Laucorn and yours truly started in the old forum a complete enemy compendium, discussing about the enemy's behavior, properties, strengths, weaknesses and trivia. I'll be pasting the work already done by CajNatalie. In the incoming days I'll be continuing what we started to we can have the whole encyclopedia done soon.

Without further ado, let's start.

Cajnatalie wrote:

UNDER CONSTRUCTION collaboration with Laucorn and Don Vecta

In the order they're organised in SoRMaker.
This is based on Mania behaviour.

Row 1
SoR2 Galsia
This little punching bag is considered the least threatening enemy.
However, when mixed with more powerful enemies he has an annoying habit of appearing behind you and smacking you just when you're about to lay down the law on a more important target, who'll then seize the opportunity to kick your arse. So don't ignore him.
In swarms of low-levels, Galsia-2s are only any real threat if your character has a short reach, since they're quick-jabbers (one frame jabs) and love to surround you so they can all show off how fast their punches fly.
Galsia-2 can appear with a knife and shuffle around the screen in straight lines, but if you knock it out of his hands he'll never pick it back up.
Galsia-2 has no anti-air attacks. He always waits for you to land before trying to punch.
He stands up fast, but not as fast as his SOR3 version. He still could be disposed off quickly as he stands up.

SoR2 Donovan
Basically Galsia-2 with his shirt off, some unnecessary sunglasses (the games are all over night, lol), and a bit of muscle tone. Also a shaved head.
Unlike Galsia-2, Donnie-2 has more than just a quick jab for his attacks.
If you let him jab you twice (with one-frame attack), he'll finish with his signature uppercut.
His uppercut comes out very quickly, and he uses it any time you jump, making him one of the most annoying anti-air enemies.
Characters with jump attacks that can hit him quickly before his uppercut can be executed, or from far away, should use this to their advantage, as Donnie-2 rarely tries to evade jump attacks, but will instead gladly walk in to them believing he can uppercut them away. He'll be using his anti-air move after certain special attacks, like Max's f f B pipe attack (hitting from behind).
He stands up at the same pace as Galsia-2, so he's also fairly quick to dispose on wake up.
Donovan-2 can appear with a pipe in hand, but if you knock it from his hands he'll never bother picking it back up again.
While he's actually holding a pipe... he has a very slow swing speed.

SoR2 Fog

The default name is actually supposed to be Fog... Storm wears pink (less common) in the original.
Fog (and Gale) are the yellow ones.
The Fog bikers are more dangerous, since their bikes have a seemingly larger hitbox than their SoR3 counterparts, and are more prone to just speeding through the screen without any intro.
Fog bikers also fight on foot, and are pretty annoying.
Their 3-hit combo is very fast (one frame hit in jabs) with no delay for interruptions, so your only option when punched is usually to use your special.
Turn your back on one and he'll swoosh up to you and land a sucker punch right to the spine.
Walk straight at him and he sometimes does the sucker punch in your face, too... generally an extremely annoying attack.
On higher difficulties, these bikers can move surprisingly fast, and will resort to their sucker punch a lot more.
Sometimes these bikers will appear holding pipes.
They have a moderate swing speed, so disarming them is of fairly high priority. They will positing themselves in good range to smack you with it, so proceed with caution.
Note that unarmed bikers will grab any pipe or bat they see on the floor, so make sure you get those weapons first.
When a biker is knocked down, he gets back up as quickly as Galsia-2 and Donnie-2. Grappler characters enjoy.
One last thing is that the Fog bikers will sometimes grab you from behind... just flip'em off. If you don't flip them over, after a while they'll smack you with the spine punch.


A speedy little guy who has a combo of 2 fast punches (two frame jabs) then one slow punch (with twice the damage).
The final punch is extremely easy to interrupt, so there's usually never any need to bother with your special if you take the first 2 hits.
Sometimes Vice will try to catch you with his slow knockdown punch. This is usually when your back is turned, or when you grab one of his mates. Even if you're knee-slamming the crap out of his mate, the range on this punch is usually long enough so he isn't caught in your attacks. So be careful.
Like the bikers above, Vice will try grabbing you from behind. So flip him for a free throw and 200 points. And the same, not flipping them up will cause them to punch you after a while.
Unlike the bikers, he'll also grab you from the front and start headbutting you.
Whenever Vice is about to grab, he'll usually start circling or rush you from an angle. Using a jump attack is pretty safe since he can't grab you while you're airborne. Back attacks are also good, since if you're too slow he'll just get you from behind so you get a free throw.

SoR2 Signal

Bounces around thinking he's a tough guy, but is actually pretty weak.
He does usually have a lot more HP than his buddies, though.
Signal likes to slide and trip you up. Jump, and catch him with a down-air stun if he tries it.
He also likes to throw you around. Holding Up+C will get you to land on your feet.
If he turns his back on you, he's preparing a backhand fist smash. It's not a very fast attack, so it's easy to interrupt. Signals use this attack as an anti-air move, by the way, if you think jumping around to avoid the slides will make you safe... think again. However, damage is not good since the turn punch hits twice, neither range so it's not really an effective anti-air move.
When knocked down, a Signal gets up fairly quickly, and is very vulnerable to grabs like this.
Last point... Signals like attention, so if you're dealing with other enemies, a Signal will usually either rush you and toss you across the screen, or sneak up and smash his fist in to your skull.


Similar to Vice, but unable to grab.
Slums have one annoying trait... they will block. They will block everything (he'll even try to block bullets on Mania!).
Characters who can rush and grab won't be able to just run up to him to ignore this... attempting to charge at a Slum will result in running right in to his foot as he holds it out at you, a.k.a. the ghetto kick.
Slums are a surprisingly formidable enemy, even though they're just common mook tier.
Note that the kick almost never seems to happen if you're in Stage 1. But becomes more likely in later stages.
By Stage 5 the ghetto kick is almost guaranteed if you charge one.

SoR2 Electra

A formidable sub-boss, with electrifying long range and a leg that hits like a steel pipe.
At range, she will try to line up and extend her whip to shock you. Dodge roll or something... just don't get caught!
Characters with a good air game can do a running leap with a down-air to interrupt her. It may require a bit of timing but is a great counter-attack when successful. Also characters with long range attacks like Max's slide, Rudra's burn knuckle or Adam's knuckle special punch can dispose of her quickly before she unleashes her whip.
Close up, Electra will wander around above or below you in a slow, careful, and surprisingly unpredictable path.
Trying to move up/down to her level and not catching her immediately with an attack or grab will trigger her to kick you in the face, and it will hurt.
Electra also has an anti-air upward whip-flail. It looks a bit odd but has high priority.
When knocked down, Electra gains the power of invincibility!
If you stand over her, she will use this invincibility to launch a flying kick, however, he stands up rather quickly and if lured out, it's faster to dispose than her whip equivalents Nora and Electra-3.
A jump attack with the right timing and positioning, for certain characters, will catch her first and knock her back down. However, if you try this from the wrong distance, she will use her anti-air attack (while invincible, of course) and knock you down instead.


A boss who is fairly simple in Stage 1, but becomes increasingly formidable in later stages.
By Stage 8, he will gladly block every damn attempt at attacking him.
By Stage 8, you may as well call him 'Blockbon'.
Barbon's main attacks are the stomach punch, the skyscraper-kick, and the roundhouse kick.
The stomach punch is his bread and butter. He will approach you, slide close and then PAWNCH.
If you don't stop him... PAWNCH again. It looks painful, and you should probably stop him before he hits you again and finish you off with his skyscraper kick.

Having two Barbons on either side is a painful scenario if they both start doing this. So use your special so they GTFO!
Jumping at Barbon will result in his skyscraper-kick. It's extremely fast and counters various air attacks since has great priority. Characters who can run and leap at high speed have better luck at catching him first but can still get unlucky.
Note that the skyscraper-kick is also his defensive special if you grab him. So if you get a hold of him, do something quickly before he uses this attack! He doesn't enjoy being grabbed at all.
Trying anything else... even breathing... around Barbon, will result in a roundhouse kick.
It's quick, it's painful, and most of all... it's annoying.
He's a very defensive character and he'll keep himself in a diagonal distance from you, blocking or evading most your attacks and let his mooks (if he comes with them) do the dirty job. In higher levels he's very hard to hit on.

Approaching Barbon from an oblique is the best way to avoid the roundhouse, but when you get closer watch out for that stomach punch.
Alternatively, some characters have luck approaching with their blitzes.
Note that Barbon will throw you if he gets a hold of you... but this is no threat, since he'll usually bowl down his back-up when this happens, plus the damage of the throw it's not great at all.
Last thing about Barbon... while he stands up at normal speed, he is invincible while getting up. Stand too close and you will trigger one of his attacks.

Row 2

A speedy sub-boss who likes to trip on crack.
He runs around the screen at super speed, and either grabs a knife from the floor, or whips one out of the many pockets in his jacket.
With the knife, he has a two-stage slashing attack. Which, as well as being very high priority, has anti-air properties. The swipe is rather slow so any mid to long range attack could stop him in his tracks.
If he can't get in close for his slash, he will line up and throw his knife at you. This makes him deadly in swarms, since while you're dealing with the others, he'll stand outside the crowd and precision-strike you with his knife.
Without his knife, he has a very slow 3 hit combo (two frames each jab), with a small delay on the final hit. If caught in the first two, most characters can interrupt him before the third so they won't need to use a special.
With or without the knife, Jack has a very quick sucker punch/stab attack. Combined with his super crack-powered speed this can be very problematic, as he'll be punching/stabbing you to the ground every few seconds if you're not careful.
If knocked down, Jack is invincible as he stands up. If there's a knife on the floor at his feet, though, he'll waste his invincibility grabbing it most of the time. So one key to fighting Jack is to leave his knives laying on the ground to give the highest chance of him landing by one when you knock him down. He sees that shiny blade and ooooh he has to grab it. Seize the opportunity when he does this.


Despite wearing high heels, this lady can walk fast. Always keep an eye on her as she wanders around trying to get an opening.
Nora will try to keep her distance at all times. Approaching her directly will result in her jumping up and kicking you right in the face, so always approach her from an angle! Always! Being too cautious with her will cause her to take aggression, where she moves closer in a heartbeat and whips you down. Since her attacks all have long reach, she has no need to get close, and will backpedal with unbelievable speed if you try to chase her down.
If knocked down, Nora will take a long time getting back up. If a player is standing close when she finally gets to her feet... she'll crack that whip for an instant hit. However, she has no invincibility frames while doing this, so if you learn the timing it's possible to catch her with a down-air or some other attack.
If you attack Nora but can't keep up the assault, she'll scream and duck. She'll stay down for about as long as she takes to get up after a knockdown, with her usual whip-crack getup behaviour.
However, with this scream and duck tactic, she'll get up sooner if you turn your back.
This actually also includes walking past her and turning around, so when Nora ducks, just walk past her and do a 180... this will provide a free grab at her arse. Characters like Max, Blaze, and Rudra turn Nora's duck and scream in to a joke.
One last thing... when she first appears, if a player is right in front of her she'll commonly swoop right up to them and whip'em to the floor like a boss.

SoR2 Jet

A boss who is 'airborne' at almost all times.
This means that if you sneeze he'll fall over. Poke him with your little finger and he'll fall over. This means you need to make use of attacks that do the most damage in one hit, or you'll take forever to fight him.
Jet almost never hits the ground, by the way... his boosters will keep him afloat. This also means he'll recover from throws.
If he's across the screen, he'll go all Superman on you with a rocket punch. He prepares this by suddenly dropping to the ground. When he drops... he's gonna punch.
The punch is a two-hit attack... first a weak hit, then PAIN.
If you're in the air, the weak hit will usually get you, doing almost no damage.
At mid-range, usually after recovering from being kicked over he'll rise up and then swoop down with a kick.
This has a very slow build-up... he floats up with a very slow and deliberate speed. But once he swoops it's fast as lightning.
Step too close and he'll grab you, take you for a ride in the clouds, then crash you down... and it'll hurt.
This grab has extremely high priority, so don't try the rush and grab game.
He has a brief ground clearance time as soon he ends his dve kick or his superman punch so there's a small chance to grab him or do a rush combo, but it's risky as he'd try also to grab you as well, so proceed with caution.

Tip with using Helicopter Police special...
If Jet's feet aren't touching the ground, this will do almost no damage to him... he'll get hit a couple of times and fly above the screen is all.
To make sure you catch him, call in the chopper as he does his kick, which grounds him for a few moments, or if you're quick you can do it when he Supermans.
For a brief moment after the Superman punch, he's grounded. By the time the punch ends the chopper will start shooting.

Final note... in v5, if you knock Jet off screen and push yourself up to the screen edge, he'll hide. This is useful for dealing with other enemies first. As long as you don't leave the screen edge you won't have to deal with Jet. However, in the new patch v5.0a, he'll come and fight you even if he gets out from the screen.


Eagle only showed up in Hard or Above... Raven is the default one you always encountered.

Kickboxers... they are easily the most formidable sub-boss. They have passive-aggressive issues... they'll keep their distance and watch you carefully... from here it can go two ways...
You attack.
Or they attack.

If you attack, 99% of the time the bastard will block. The moment your attack is over or has a break, the kickboxer will hit you with his lightning-speed mid-kick combo-breaker.
If he attacks, he'll gain a sudden burst of speed, and either...
...approach from an angle and begin his lightning fast 3-hit multi-kick attack.
...approach directly, and jump with his tiger knee. It serves as his 'down air', which he uses to grapple you and begin smashing his knees repeatedly in to your skull.

Kickboxers have an anti-air kick if you try to approach from above. It's quick as lightning like with all their attacks.

A kickboxer's only weaknesses are...
...Rudra's blitzes
...Max's Hug Attack
...bullets or thrown weapons
...certain neutral jump kicks*

Fast characters, and with good control even some slow characters, can rush in from an angle and grab a kickboxer. You need to be very careful and watch their movements. This can fail very easily and lead to a painful assault of kicks as punishment, but if successful the kickboxer is finally caught.
He cannot break free once held, but if there are other enemies, don't let them help him... if anyone interrupts you, then the now freed kickboxer will kick the crap out of you in a wild rage.

While standing up, a kickboxer is weak to a re-grab. The hitbox for this grab is extremely tight, though. If you're off by a couple of pixels you'll get a kick in the kidney. If it's too dangerous to regrab (eg: other kickboxers approaching), unload your highest damage attack at them just as they stand up... as long as you can hit the instant they're on their feet, they won't block it 99% of the time.

*Characters with a good air game, like Blaze and Shiva, can stand still and lure in a kickboxer for his tiger knee.
When he does this, jump and kick him in the face. Then just run over and prepare to grab him as he stands up.
Other characters need to resort to special attacks or other methods, but the lure tactic is still an option... just not as simple.


A boss with a very well-rounded moveset. He's very good at both offense and defense.

He starts out by keeping his distance looking for an opening, and then moves in for the kill the moment he sees his chance.

His basic 3 hit combo is extremely fast, has long range, and can hit you if you're standing above or below him.
That's to say... if you're too high/low for your hits to land... Bear can still hit you. This usually means using a defensive special rarely hits... he'll just back off, wait for your special to end, then move closer and punch you some more.

Approaching Bear directly... that is if he hasn't decided to dodge to the side, will trigger his charging knock-out punch. Attacks that duck (eg: Max's Powerslide, Shiva's Final Crash) will go under the punch.
Narrow stages make Bear considerably easier for characters who can catch him during this attack.

Jumping at Bear is asking for an uppercut in the arse. His uppercut has very high priority and reaches for the stars.

If Bear is keeping his distance, he's probably thinking about using the Ugly Ass jump attack. Lower difficulties will see this coming more easily, but on Mania he'll fly in to the air in an instant and home in.
And I mean that literally, his butt has homing properties. If you dodge roll he actually changes direction to follow you.

When he uses the Ugly Ass, try to move to the left or right of it, turn around, and unleash whatever attack you want. If you can't make it in time... defensive special... immediately.

Regarding grabs... approaching from the front without getting decked in the face by his punches will almost always result in him grappling you for some headbutts. If you catch him from behind, he can elbow you right in the gut to break free.
In v5.0a his AI is incredibly more diverse and won't rely only in the Ulgy Ass attack and he'll try to use all his arsenal at his disposition, so proceed with lots of caution.
Like most supersized bosses, his body has a huge hitbox area, so he can get multiple hits from Max's standard jabs (two or three hits per chop).

Last note... Bear is invincible when standing up from the ground. Keep your distance or you're in for some pain.


Arguably the toughest boss in the game.

If you stand in front of him, you'll get his simple but painful combo. He pokes you twice (huge priority, in spite of the puny animation looks), then after a delay (interrupt him now!) he'll smash your skull in.
If you're mid-range in front, he'll dive on top of you with his body slam... if this hits you're gonna lose 1/4 of your HP, and it won't knock you down... it sets you up for one of his grabs.

Abadede can and will spin a player around when grabbing. He's most notorious for grabbing you from behind for a german suplex... from the front. It makes no sense, but it's what he does.

When he grabs you from the front from the front... he'll beat your skull in with a spoon.
When he grabs you from the front from behind or... I dunno, Abadede's grab triggers make no sense... he'll throw you across the screen (land on your feet with Up+C).

Just expect him to suplex you if he gets you, so keep away.
The lower the difficulty, and the faster the character, the less Abadede's success rate becomes, though... so more courageous/foolhardy players can make a game out of Rush & Grab Russian Roulette.

At long range, he'll CHAAAAAAAARGE you across the screen (lightning fast on Mania) and clothesline your face with such force that your head is forced back until it pops out of your arse.
The charge itself is considered a high-priority attack, but does minimal damage. Abadede isn't actually invincible... he just has ridiculous priority and a tiny hitbox for taking your attacks.
The punch itself is seemingly invincible, and does bone-shattering damage. If Abadede charges you and there's no way to dodge, and your gauge is empty... jump and you'll only take the minor charge damage, avoiding the clothesline pwnage.

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually possible to flying kick Abadede while he charges you on Mania.
The hitbox for it is extremely tiny, and it only works with certain characters (Blaze3, Shiva, almost certainly Ash, and maybe Elle). The success rate isn't very reliable, sadly... you need to land the kick at an exact height... which is different for each character, since they all aim different ways with their flying kicks.

About jump kicks... try one and Abadede will uppercut you. The animation looks delayed, but it has ridiculous priority so it'll always win. To catch Abadede in a jump kick, stand above or below him, to bait him in to approaching for a grab or poke combo. Watch his movements very carefully and time a flying kick just as he moves in for the kill. He can't uppercut your jump kick like that.

Abadede's most frustrating, most annoying move of all... when you try anything that doesn't knock him down... even if you try giving him chocolates to cheer him u-
That combo breaker will interrupt anything and everything.
It's a true defensive special, so it's invincible, and hits all around him.
It lasts longer than it looks like it should, and has a huge hitbox around Abadede, so keep your distance and don't touch until he's finished with his pose.
Characters with long reach can bait Abadede in to grawring over and over. Just keep poking him and watch him throw a tantrum.
IN the v5.0a patch he got visibly toned down in the usage of his tantrum special, so he'll use it less often. Plus he became less of a threat since most characters have their grab range expanded so it's most likely you'd beat in the attempt to grab him, but still proceed with caution since he can surprise you with his puny rush combo or his body slam.

SoR1 Garcia

This little bastard used to have a 3 hit combo almost identical to the one used by Fog bikers, even using the same sound effects and damage. In v5.0a he got this combo toned down to a Vice level so you can interrupt his third attack without using your special.  He can also get you from behind like the Fog bikers.
Like the bikers, he can also carry pipes or bats... but is much deadlier with them due to his swing speed (very fast) and range (very long).
Unlike the Fog bikers, it should be noted that this guy moves extremely fast!

Garcia with a bat/pipe will keep his distance so you can't touch him, but he'll definitely be able to catch you, and it's gonna hurt. Disarm him ASAP with a blitz or flying kick. Then take the weapon as your own so he can't get it back (he'll pick it off the floor).

He can also wield knives in SoR2 Galsia's fashion, where he happily shuffles in straight lines through the screen almost comically. When he picks a knife off the floor, this is the behaviour he'll use.
Note that Garcia-1 has a seemingly larger hitbox than other variants when he uses his knife shuffle.

Sometimes a G-Man will carry some army knives in his pocket. When he whips it out, he'll hold it as his side and back off playing evasive. Get close and he'll stab you with mid-long range.
At range he'll line up and throw it at you, only to get it magically replaced in an instant with another (lol).
When you see a G-Man whip out a knife, he's takes high priority! Go after him and show no mercy!

Note that the Army Knife is quite durable, so knife-loving characters like Blaze can get slash happy.

When knocked to the floor, G-Men take a little more time to get up than most enemies, and their laying down pose makes it a bit awkward to figure out where to be for a re-grab, but it doesn't take much practice to get the hang of it.

SoR1 Garcia comes in 3 AI variants...
Normal: Keeps moderate distance and dodges around a bit. Won't overwhelm you, but has no problem moving in for his combo every so often. This Garcia is easiest to deal with, since he isn't constantly trying to beat your face in, and isn't running away like a scared little kid all the time when you go after him.
Some chance of whipping out an army knife when left alone.
Aggressive: He's never gonna give you up. This Garcia will hunt you down and connect fist to face. In swarms they are deadly and formidable.
Coward: Constantly running away to the sides of the screen. A pain to hit. Sometimes will try for a lucky shot if you're distracted by another enemy, but can generally be ignored for later. Most likely to grab you from behind, and most likely to whip out an army knife.

SoR3 Jet

Arguably one of the most frustrating bosses for certain characters.

An extreme upgrade of SoR2 Jet. He has the same attacks, but better... and then some more attacks.

For attacks that are the same as SoR2 Jet, Jet-3 moves faster, and has insane priority. Do not expect the same bait and jump kick tactics to work because Jet3 will win every time.
If Jet3 misses, he can turn around and go in for another shot. If this somehow misses and you're still in the same plane afterwards, he can turn around AGAIN and keep trying.

Jet-3's only downgrades are...
- Superman Punch does less total damage (but since it's one hard hit you can't jump to minimize damage... kind of an upgrade and a downgrade)
- Puts his feet on the ground a little more often
- Cannot flip himself upright if thrown

Regarding upgrades... Jet-3 has some new attacks...
He has a sort of 'down-air' thing if you're at a certain range. He curls up in to a ball and spins down at you, crashing in to you for a few hits that don't knock you down. He'll usually try following this up with another attack if you don't interrupt it.
Sometimes he will burn off his jet pack fuel in a stream of fire in front of him if you stand underneath him. He'll drop down all of a sudden to his feet before releasing the fire. He is vulnerable to grabs from behind like this!
Every so often, in longer fights with Jet-3, he'll fire off 3 proximity mines that hover in three positions in the scroller. One is in the bottom corner, one in the opposite top corner, and one in the middle (all forming a diagonal line). They will explode if you touch them, throw something in to them, or if you wait long enough.

Final note... Jet-3 is invincible while getting up, so he can get right in to airborne status before any attempts at attacking him can land.

Row 3
Many people who play lower difficulties overlook just how frustrating this cheap cowardly bastard can be sometimes.

Ninjo likes to block just about everything... using his shoulder...?
Similar to the way a kickboxer does things, once your attacks have an opening, he'll attack, but while a kickboxer does a nice interruptable kick of low damage, Ninjo just slashes away around 1/5~1/4 of HP out of nowhere with a quick, long range, slide'n'slash.
Note that once he begins a slide'n'slash attack, he can still block, and after the block he WILL retry. He can and will keep blocking and retrying until he's cut you open.

If you leave Ninjo be, he'll play evasive. He's a defensive enemy, and he knows it, so he plays to his strengths.
A lot of the time he'll wander off screen and wait for the right moment. When you're in a good position, he'll quickly re-appear, hop, and slash you.
If you run away, it can sometimes trigger what can be described as a 'what would happen if Fog had a sword' behaviour. He'll slice your back open like the cowardly fuck he is.

The hop'n'slash has high priority and range - if you want to intercept him you need to catch him right at the start of the hop. Too soon and he'll not even begin so he'll block. Too late and he'll already be slashing you in the face.
Luring Ninjo works best if he's above or below you, but if he's approaching head-on for the hop, he'll hop from just the right distance that he'll be out of range until his high priority slashing frame begins.

When up close, Ninjo likes to smack you. He'll either keep smacking you a-la smack smack infinite, or he'll do two slaps, then an uppercut.

Ninjo has a huge weakness.
The first standing frame after getting up is completely vulnerable.
Unlike other blocking enemies, a quick attack on get-up can sometimes be blocked, but Ninjo never blocks anything until he's had at least a frame.
Use a down-air on him as he recovers (unless your down-air is shit... looking at you, Rudra), then grab him.

Robo X
A very speedy boss, who is always on the move.
Likes to gun you from a distance, or use a stronger, faster version of Zan's jab jab springpunch combo (one frame start up).
Occasionally pops a homing rocket out of its arm at you... when this happens he'll stand completely still, and is ONLY vulnerable to grabs, and the rocket. If the rocket explodes, and the robot is not hit by the blast, then it blows steam from its nose... during this animation, the 'grabs only' situation remains.
Once the nose-steam is done, full vulnerability returns.

Note that even if you're invincible (eg: special/roll/etc), the rocket will still explode when it touches you (it just won't hurt you).

Robots have no invincibility while getting up, but will begin a jab combo immediately if you are near. The jabs have no swing frames so they will hit you instantly, unless you're able to use an attack with higher priority (eg: jump attack or blitz) or a meaty blitz with higher priority (say Max's blitz-0/-1).

If you grab one of these things, you need to act fast, and leave no gaps between your attacks.
The amount of time you need to waste varies, but after just enough frames, you'll get hit by an Electric Body attack. Vaulting often increases your chances of getting hit by this, as you need to be extremely precise with your timing.

When all players are knocked down, a Robot will begin laughing. Act fast when you recover to seize the opportunity, because these things spend a little too long laughing for their own good.

Final note. When killing one of these, stay clear while it explodes.

Very simple, but very annoying...

If he's playing evasive, he'll back away, even if it means going completely off screen, and while backed away (I repeat: EVEN OFF SCREEN), he'll toss his boomerang at you.
Once he's thrown the boomerang, he'll do his upward shuffle ready to catch it. If it gets deflected he'll immediately quit and whip out a new one. If you approach him he'll immediately quit, whip out a new one, and switch to kick mode...

That fucking kick.
Antonio tends to keep just enough distance so any attack you try will miss, and the first frame afterwards he'll be right in front of you kicking you like a real douche.

When Antonio is knocked down, he gains invincibility as he gets up by one frame. Immediately he'll whip out a kick, but with a strange hitframe duration.
Though he can be spammed with a downair as he gets up, you need to learn just the right timing, or you'll be cheaped by what's probably an oversight/bug. Either that or the kick was intentionally given nonsensical priority & duration.

Once you learn the timing for dealing with his get-up kick, Antonio will go down easy from then on.
If he's in a swarm, though, you're in for a world of hurt trying to deal with him and the mooks at the same time.

He's on the supersized category, so he can receive multiple hits by multi-hit jab attacks, like Max's.

SOR3 Galsia
The fairest of all G-Men, but surprisingly competent for a low-tier mook.

Unlike Galsia-2, he won't teleport next to you and instantly connect his fist to your face, no... he'll walk up to you. He may walk fast, but he still walks. He gets to just the right distance, then gives a little grunt warning, and punches (A 2-frame jab). If you don't interrupt him... he'll punch again.
Then there will be a longer delay while he waits to see what you'll do... before two more punches in the same manner as the first two, and it goes on like this until you stop him.

If Galsia-3 approaches you head-on from a distance, he'll often crouch, jump, yell in a funny way, and do an elbow-drop.
In v5.0a, it gained more priority, so it's not so easy to interrupt, while isn't going to hurt much, it might get annoying if you're unprepared.
Note that he uses the elbow-drop when falling in from above, if anyone's unlucky enough to be underneath him. He'll signal with his funny yell, though, for warning.
This elbow drop has almost no recovery frames when it lands so he'll move immediately. Not easy to retaliate if it whiffs like most aerial attacks.

G3's have a new attack in V5. While getting up (which takes only a split second), if you're close, he'll do an instant punch in the shin/calf/kneecap, for a quick and annoying knockdown. He's 100% vulnerable, though. You can air him, grab him, or just stand behind him and attack, since he won't turn around. If you have the timing right, you can even hit him from the front safely. Just as long as you have a hit frame active the moment he gets up.

With a knife, Galsia-3 will shuffle across the screen through the current location of any player.
The shuffle will generally go until he's off screen or hits map/horizon collision, but will take roughly the same amount of time regardless of distance (i.e. for a short distance he shuffles slowly, but to cross the screen corner-to-corner he shuffles at full speed).

He stands ups VERY fast and usually with the wake-up punch if you're up close, but with the vulnerability he's basically easy to overwhelm.

Last note... this guy will pick up knives from the ground.

There don't seem to be any differences between the three of these.
Bronz may typically appear with less HP, and Gold with more HP, but that's it...

As if it wasn't obvious, suits like to stay back and pop their pistols at you. The bullets have some z-axis range, so moving a bit up or down won't save you.
Closer up, they can do a slow and weak punch... nothing special.
Closest, they'll crouch and punch you in the crotch or leg or gut something, stunning you for a throw.

The low-blow is particularly triggered by standing over them as they get up, or grabbing from the front and wasting your time.
Grabbing from behind will also trigger a break-free attack where he smacks you in the face with his fist... followed by the same throw.
The time you need to hold a suit for before they break free appears to vary by how much HP they start with. Weak suits struggle to break free, while suits who begin with blue HP can break free extremely quickly. Trying to restrain them from behind seems to be more difficult, and even impossible for the (initially) tough ones.

Warning: A suit's throw is glitched to hell. If you're hit by the stun attack right before their throw, but then hit by something else... weird things will happen.
Most notorious for Shiva players is trying to hit someone while a suit is doing his throw animation. You will be locked in your skullsmack animation... potentially causing a game breaker if you locked yourself skullsmacking the suit that tried to throw you.

Last points... suits tend to increase aggression over time. Dodging their bullets and staying out of line for them to try shooting again, or simply getting in close for a few hits on one, seems to increase their willingness to close in for melee.
Suits take a long time getting up. Don't bother waiting for a re-grab in a swarm... anyone else nearby will make you pay for getting distracted.

These barechested martial artists with weird hair fight using nothing but kicks.

Tiger is a fairly defensive character, but is very competent in offense. You shouldn't overlook a Tiger's presence in a swarm, as they're always looking for ways to connect their feet to your face.
Combined with his high rate of blocking, and his extremely swift multi-hitting kicks, Tiger can win out in most head-to-head struggles. Trying for a more sneaky approach, particularly rush and grab, won't always work out. He often pays attention to what you're doing, and moves accordingly so he can set up a counter attack.

Tiger doesn't use chi to fight... it's all kicks, kicks, and more kicks, so unlike Hakuyo, this leaves him with an exploitable and predictable lure.
Keep your distance and stand in front of a Tiger. He'll jump at you; he can't resist.
Prepare to use an anti-air attack, and take him down. When he gets up, grab him!

Their wake up time it's as fast as kickboxers, Ninjos, Hakuyos or Slashes, so don't hesitate to overwhelm them with re-grabs until they die.

Note that Tiger has two types of jump.
When he yells 'WUATT' he's going for a regular-speed high jump, like Hakuyo.
When he yells 'WATAA' he's going for a speedy low jump.

Last note, Tiger has an anti-air kick.
He doesn't use it as often as Hakuyo, and it's a lot less annoying since it does less damage and has a weak hit sound, but it can still take you by surprise.

Row 4






Mr. X


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The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.) Empty Re: The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.)

Post  Solinarius on Sat Nov 02, 2013 2:46 pm

Would you like me to clean up the structure of your information? I can also make it shorter and sweeter while still leaving its style in tact.

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Post  Don Vecta on Sat Nov 02, 2013 2:55 pm

Solinarius wrote:Would you like me to clean up the structure of your information? I can also make it shorter and sweeter while still leaving its style in tact.
That could help a lot, not to mention updating the info as several points are done in v5.0. I updated a couple of points at v5.0a standards, but others need to be updated.

Appreciate the help. Smile 

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Post  Don Vecta on Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:43 am

Workshop: Hakuyo

(Disclaimer: I'll be addressing this character by its name Hakuyo, the SOR1 long haired Chinese dude will be addressed as Haku-Oh) Japanese martial artist with a huge tendency to use flying kicks and chi attacks, who appeared for the first time in the truck of stage 2 in SOR2.
His approach is usually quite offensive and would try to jump at you whenever he could. He'll smack you in the kisser with a rather good ranged flying kick, damage it's not too high but is still very annoying.

On up close, he'll smack you with two quick jabs and a third very slow palm attack that takes forever to hit, so it's easy to interrupt him on his tracks.

At mid range he'll position himself and release his version of the kikoushou for a moderate damage, so try to avoid being in line with him.

Defensively he's rather weak, since, compared with the Tigers, he won't block. He stands up quite fast so he can be re-grabbed and overwhelmed, but mind yourself as sometimes he could try to outmatch you with his double jabs.


This unique ghetto character was created by the Bombergames team... combining the annoyance of both a Galsia-3 and a Vice (lol, the name). While they have properties of both enemies, Galvice has also some tricks on his own.

The traits of Vice are more dominant on him: has the same 2-frame jab jab, slow left straight combo, the same slow straight when you're turning his back to him (Galvice does this more often), his grab properties (front grab will do the headbutt flurry while grabbing you from behind will just hold you), even the same stand up time, which is lot slower than a Galsia-2.

However, he's a lot faster than both Galsia-3 and Vice and tends to run in circles to you a lot quicker, as quick as Cody. He's also not exactly offensive so sometimes he'll wait around and take his time to suddenly sprint out and run to grab you, jab jab you, sucker smack you with his slow straight or do his ghetto fabulous double pawnch!

Galvice's unique attack consist in holding back a bit, as in changing momentum and then, with all the power of the universe within and a fearsome war cry (NYAH~!), unleash a devastating double punch, with shadow trail and all and a bone shattering sound effect. Actually, the damage is not that great and could be stopped on his tracks with a well placed, long reach jab.

Overall, it's still a rather low level mook with few tricks in and there, but still far from the elite low level mooks, like Garcia or Slum. Oh yeah, leaving his with his default palette and settings on SORmaker will allow him to drop and extra life whenever he dies.

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Post  BigDarsh on Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:26 pm

I'm so glad you decided to finish that work. I can't help a lot but can't wait to read your analysis people!

Streets of Rage : Game vs Lore Analysis avaible here
"Back in our day, even real life didn't have graphics this good.
Back in our day, you had one sound effect for 20 things, and you came to love that sound effect.
Back in our day... Streets of Rage - the Classic - the Original - was the best damn game out there."


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Post  Don Vecta on Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:30 pm

Appreciate the encouragement. Let's keep working.


Another original character from Bombergames. Initially an edited Galsia-2 with nothing really outstanding in v4, heavily redesigned, improved and more dangerous than ever.

He's sub-boss material, even a stage 2 or 3 boss level with the right mooks coming with him. Has some good properties, like frame invincibility during stand up and runs like hell while doing so, so it's hard to catch up with him. He rarely counter attacks using this property, though, mostly run away immediately.

His standard attacks are: a flurry of endless jabs, a powerful haymaker and a nasty and super quick front kick (horribly animated, if you ask me, but I digress).

He's a coward son of a bitch, so he rarely will attack you up front, and when he does it, will do it with the jab flurry. You better stop him with any special cuz he'll keep doing it indefinitely until you drop dead. As the pussy drip he is, he'll wait until you have your back turned to him, run like the devil and hit you so hard with his haymaker, your 8-bit ancestors will feel the pain... well, not exactly super damaging, but it's pretty annoying.

Oh, do not try to run and grab him cuz he'll stop you on your tracks with his uglykick. It's fast, it's damaging and it's annoying. In fact, the best way to beat him is to wait until he goes into his offensive stance (always facing him) and beat him before he does his jab flurry with a rush combo (taken your character has decent to good reach, of course).

He can be equipped with two weapons: A steel pipe and a unique weapon for him: a beer bottle!

His steel pipe game is not as good as his bare handed skills or his bottle (read ahead). His swing is slow... maybe one frame faster than Donnie-2, but still highly telegraphed, easy to avoid. However, don't take him as a pansy since his uglykick is still game, and no doubt he'll uglykick you more often than swinging that pipe. Be warned.

And the crown of the most annoying weapon ever created in v5: THE DAMN BEER BOTTLE! Why is so annoying, you ask? Because it simply regenerates this hick! He'll immediately chug down unlimited amounts of whatever bilge is in the bottle (I'm sure many of you would wish this kind of endless booze would exist), healing the amount of lost health you've dealt to him. Fortunately he'll regen only the current bar he is, so if he had 3 full bars and you happened to down him bar and half, he'll only heal the 2nd bar available, so no, no full health, thank God. With his invincibility on wake up, his ability to run faster than the fart of a curry lover, he'll position himself 3/4 from you and start chugging off. He's vulnerable while drinking so hurry up and act fast, or else he'll welcome you immediately with his one-frame uglykick... and he'll no doubt keep using it if he's full health, so he's still dangerous.
Oh yeah, stay very far from him and he'll throw his miraculous bottle at you. I'm rather sure you'd like him to do so, but get ready to dodge it, he throws it rather fast.

Yes, the overview of him is long as he's a very complete enemy character and dangerous on his own level of sub-boss. Never underestimate him but neither give him too much credit either. He's as tough as a high sub-boss can be.

Oh yeah, he'll always drop a Coke if he's on his default palette. Not too much for the troubles, but hey, free health!

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Withering Surface Entertainment presents: H.U.N.T.E.R. with its DLC Stories: Subway Mayhem & A Cold Quest for Peace. Adam's Story (main designer), Rushing Beat Remake, Final Fight CD Mini-mod(e), Double Dragon II The Revenge Megamix.
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Post  Waruiva on Tue Dec 16, 2014 6:08 pm

I like the description for Abadede, especially the part where it talks about his defense special. The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.) BwdLK1a

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The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.) Empty Re: The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.)

Post  KFCutman on Thu Nov 26, 2015 5:04 pm

You know, I'd be glad to help with this and help finish it.


Very simple, yet very annoying as well. He plays as one of those bosses you'd see on a Genesis or a SNES game with stretched-out necks or arms made of different sprites.

This weird demon robot has one attack- moving into the player to damage them. Yep. It also has a deceivingly large hitbox, so don't let the location and shadow fool you.
Vehelits also moves at whatever speed it wishes. It could fly across the stage, or move a few centimeters from its last spot it was.
More importantly, it has gets invincibility frames every time it gets damaged. Kinda like Jet, but never on the ground. It also can't be grabbed.
Don't use your Police on Vehelits! (if the level supports it) Just like Jet when airborne, your police will do very little damage to Vehelits because of the accursed invincibility frames.
The main strength of this sub-boss is having to fight it with other enemies in the level. Being distracted with mooks means Vehelits will swoop down and slam his face into you. If you're distracted taking down Vehelits, the mooks will catch you off guard, knock you down, or assist Vehelits into attacking you.
The best way to deal with Vehelits is a defensive special, which is easily the strongest attack against it. Unload your strongest one-hit attack on it. This strategy works really well with characters like Max, but multi-hit characters, especially Zan and SOR2 Skate, will suffer.


"Nobody told me fat people could breathe fire!"

Bongo-3 is what I like to consider a very offensive enemy, always finding ways to get closer to the player. He's also very attention seeking, so try eliminating him first.
First off, he's fat. Thank god that in v5.1, Shiva was given the ability to throw obese enemies, but be careful if the character you pick can't throw fat men, such as Blaze.
Second off, his attacks. His first attack consists of a three-slap combo. It's two-frame, then one frame, then a very short delay before his final two-frame slap. Use a defensive special immediately if he gets you in his combo.
Third off, he gets a rolling attack that does moderate damage, but dodge away from it and he gets dizzy from rolling, which will stun him. Grapple characters will enjoy this stun time.
Speaking of grapple characters, this guy takes a long time to get up (it's not ridiculous like Nora or Electra-3) and has no invincibility frames when he gets up, unlike Electra-2, so characters like Max can make short work of Bongo-3 quickly.
His last attack is used if he's away from you in a diagonal direction, he will breathe fire with a deceivingly large hitbox but moderate damage.
In groups, he'll use the fire attack more often.
If he or any of his friends knock you down, he'll laugh, just like Mr. X, or Robot X. Take advantage of this and show him never to be cocky again! No mercy!


Very simple, just like Galsia-3, again with the two-frame punches, but now with an uppercut.

Just like Galsia-3, Donnie-3 has two-frame jabs, however, after two jabs, he will uppercut. The jabs do almost no damage, but his bread-n'-butter uppercut hits fairly hard. It also has anti-air properties.

Donnie-3 can use the following items: a pipe and both a wooden and a metal bat.

Donnie-3 functions the same regardless of the weapon. but he will try to keep enough distance, and then
BONK! You just got whacked by one of the fastest weapon attacks in the game!
Donnie-3's pipe smack is extremely fast and very unpredictable, though he loves to get you from behind, especially in a crowd. Disarming him is top priority!
Unlike Donnie-2, by default, Donnie-3 can pick up a weapon if he drops it. Throw the pipe/bat immediately once Donnie's on the ground, regardless if he's still active or defeated.
Modder's note: Donnie-3 can't use the bat normally through the weapon setup in SorMaker, make him crouch next to the bat/renamed pipe to make him pick it up.

EDIT: moved from Darsh's guide to this guide

KFCutman wrote:Galsia (SOR2)

SOR2 Galsia is an extremely simple enemy and can be used easily almost anywhere.
His only attack is a very weak and slow punch that does not do much damage and cannot knockdown.
(Credit to Don Vecta) However, this attack is extremely fast, and this enemy can use it whenever he feels like it, especially to break combos.
When holding a knife, he will move in a diagonal direction and move forward if colliding with a wall. Touching the player will deal damage. He can’t pick up his knife if he drops it.
In a group, they are extremely strong if one of them gets a hit, because none of the attacks can knockdown, and you’ll see yourself with very little windows to use a special and knock all of them down.
Priority: Very low (unarmed), relatively low (knife)

Donovan (SOR2)

Galsia’s shirtless cousin, this guy also has an uppercut.
He has an attack consisting of two Galsia-2 punches. and one uppercut, the uppercut can knockdown, take note of that when fighting multiple enemies.
With a pipe, he has a moderately strong attack, but it’s so slow, it mostly gets countered before and after the attack. He also can’t grab his pipe when it’s on the ground.
His uppercut can be performed early as an anti-air move.
In a group, it’s not as threatening as Galsia-2 if you're in there long enough, but it's still very painful due to the very fast punches.
Priority: Very low (unarmed), Relatively low (pipe)


Though extremely simple, her attacks can be troublesome news, especially on maps with holes. Do note that she will always jump away after doing her attacks, except the jump kick.
She has four attacks.
The first one is a double slap that is slow, like Donovan’s pipe attack, but hits really hard.
Her second attack is a flurry of slaps, which does more damage the more you get hit, but beware if you used your special recently, or you’ll take a lot of damage
Her third is a quick slap that knocks down.
Her fourth and most powerful is a jump kick. If you see her walk in place, she’s likely going to jumpkick your face in if you’re not prepared. It does a LOT of damage, trust me.
On a side note, with maps that have holes, if you don’t know what you’re doing, prepare to have your lives counter smashed in the balls countlessly from above, because the high damage of the jumpkick and the falling in holes damage will seriously hurt you. Quickrolling can help, but beware in narrow areas the absurd kick hitbox. Sure, Garnet will likely end up in the hole with you as well, but if you get quickslapped while next to the hole, welp, you know what’s going to happen. I’ve lost enough lives to know.
Priority: Somewhat Threatening, Greatest Threat (on maps with holes)

Yasha/Onihime (SOR1)

For some reason, setting the name to the default (Onihime) will make your life living hell.
(Credit to Don Vecta) Set it to Yasha and prepare to start dodging spammable jumpkicks.
Setting the name to something else? You’ve got a common mook. I'll use Hibana as a general reference name.

What all three have is a simple four-hit combo, with knockdown. They both also have a jumpkick, which hurts. This is all that Hibana gets.
(Credit to Don Vecta) Yasha's jumpkick is used much more often than Onihime and Hibana's kick. Doesn't sound like much, but it gets annoying fast and is very spammable.
What Onihime has, however, is a grab, then a suplex, that does damage similar to falling in a hole. The worst part about Onihime is her damned throw. If you don’t recover from that, that’s the STRONGEST ENEMY ATTACK IN THE GAME. It does about half an entire health bar of damage. Yeah.  She also has a spinning jump that doesn’t do much other than set up for her suplex.
(Credit to Don Vecta) Hibana's AI immediately becomes Yasha's spammable AI if Hibana is the only alive enemy. Take note of that in small groups.
Priority: Somewhat Threatening (Hibana), Threatening (Yasha), Great Threat (Onihime)


Throw him randomly as a regular spawn? More annoying than hard.
Set him as boss intro 2? Good luck, you’ll need it.

Form 1 (regular spawn, boss intro 1) isn’t that hard, to be honest. It’s mainly his damned shurikens that are the problem, they do so much damage, and don’t cause knockdown, but can be attacked. Form 1 can also teleport near the player and do a weak sword attack. Get close, and he’ll move back (get away), and then dash and slice. When he’s near the edge, and the player is close, he’ll jump to the other side. He can also jump and throw three powerful shurikens. Knocking him down makes him move back, but as long as he’s not off-screen, Max makes Yamato look like a joke.
(Credit to Don Vecta) Yamato-1 also has an attack where he splits in two and both will dash slash at the other side, then become one at the center of the stage.
Killing a Form 1 will cause it to fade away.
Form 2 (boss intro 2) gives Yamato all of form 1’s properties and attacks, but a few new attacks. Yamato will jump around when doing his shuriken attack. He also has a charging attack that isn’t that powerful, and always moves diagonally. He also can become invisible and throw shurikens, that knockdown this time, but Yamato is invincible during this time.
(Credit to Don Vecta) Modder's note: During Yamato's invisible attack, if the stage has some sort of footprints (such as water, sand, snow, etc.), Yamato can be tracked down by the footprints.
Killing a Form 2 will make him do a special animation, which will destroy every item onscreen, then explode.
Fun fact: The items exploding can damage players and surviving enemies.


It’s Donovan, except he’s white and is cosplaying as his favorite video game character, Cody Travers, from Final Fight.

Otherwise, it’s just SOR3 Donovan, without the ability to pick up bats/pipes
Killing one with the default palette and the item setting set to auto or drop item will make it drop a 1-UP.
I usually make them spawn in secret areas, or with 9 bars of HP during a boss fight to reward players who can successfully kill Cody in time. Otherwise, just change the palette and you’ve got a mook.


Also known as one of the most annoying bosses in the game, but not hard by any means.
Antonio has a measly two attacks. The first is his boomerang, which is really easy to dodge, does little damage, and can be attacked. His other is a front kick, which is only done if you get too close or as an anti-air attack. Beware the absurd hitbox. However, the front kick doesn’t do a lot of damage at all, it's just annoying.
He's a pretty good boss, though, and I like to use him as some sort of miniboss, almost like Andore from Final Fight.
Priority: Threatening

Bongo (SOR1)

“You disgust me, fat man.”
Spy – 2007

If you’re a fast character like Rudra or Skate, or a character who can throw fat people, trust me, he’s not hard.
He has two attacks. His first is like SOR2 Galsia’s knife attack, but moving diagonally, and breathing fire with an absurdly large hitbox. His other attack is a jumpslam with pitiful range, but deals an unreal amount of damage. When he breathes fire, get behind him, and grab him, then dodge his slams, and grab him (or do an attack if you can’t throw people)

• Ridiculously OP. Nuff said.

“Burn in hell, you mumbling abomination!”
Spy - 2007

This guy is easily the strongest member of the Syndicate by a landslide. He has some of the strongest attacks in the game (Strongest attack is Onihime’s throw)
First, his damn charge. The first hit is light, but the second is PAIN. Jumping could resolve the problem, if he didn’t travel at the speed of SANIC. Second, his threehitter. The first two don’t hurt, but his chop is the real terror. Third, his jump, which is the second strongest enemy attack in the entire game, and DOESN’T KNOCKDOWN, which sets you up for his suplex, which hits so hard, you’ll be in shambles after that combo. Or, he’ll throw you, which is weak and easy to recover from. He might even beat you with a spoon, but that’s extremely rare for him to do, and I have no idea how strong it is or how long he will do it.
Unless you’re Max, good luck hitting him. He has a defensive special, similar to yours, except he becomes invincible, and it does metric tons of damage. Yikes.
For usage, he could easily be the final boss.
Priority: Greatest Threat x 9001

I hate you signatures! Everyone bloody hates you!

-teh deemomanz wuz hr3

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The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.) Empty Re: The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.)

Post  William Assunção on Tue Sep 27, 2016 4:08 pm

Great enyiclopedia, but i wonder: this will be finished, also Shiva3, Mona & Lisa [ SOR3 Yasha/Onihime ] Robot X, Neo X and Rudra will be added?

Anyway, good luck with this! Wink
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Post  BareKnuckleRoo2 on Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:05 am

Fun tidbit of info to add here - the enemies that appear during the final boss fight against Mr. X are actually 'summoned' by him like an attack (that has no animation). If he's staggered immediately when the fight starts and kept staggered, he can't summon any enemies to help him, and as long as you keep hitting him with no delay, none of the Galsias or Donovans will appear. The same applies midfight; if you kill off the other enemies while Mr. X is held or staggered, they can't respawn since they're 'summoned' by Mr. X when he is able to walk around.

Example video here (near his last lifebar I mess up the timing with the hits and wait too long between one of the hits, long enough for him to quickly summon his minions):


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Post  Garcia75 on Fri May 04, 2018 6:58 pm

When is there going to be a descriptive for all the other remaining enemies?

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Post  vince on Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:17 am

This encyclopedia is awesome! May be you should add that the Donovan can't uppercut when they hold weapon, even if it is obvious for many people, not for me pirat
Hope to read the following one day.

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The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.) Empty Re: The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.)

Post  Iceferno on Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:22 am

I like the idea of an Enemy Encyclopedia. Perhaps it could become a Bestiary of sorts, like early Final Fantasy titles had, with pictures, stats and a description. It's a lot of text otherwise.

The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.) Streets-Of-Wrath-2-Promo

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The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.) Empty Re: The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.)

Post  cabo-hicks on Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:20 pm

who knows where the enemy inspiration cames from.. final fight some for sure, but the others...?

i noticed watching a super good movie from his time, "tango & cash", that clearly shiva came from an enemy the boss has in their mansion in the end. even he fight with the same style as shiva, performing a similar kick breaking a cristal table.

mrx was based in part from the padrino, and scarface, etc.

keep in mind that movies are a big inspiration for sor programmers at sega.

the other day i saw conan the destroyer, and i easily recognise some, as the african tribal dancers who kidnaped his wizard friend at the first movie, or trix, totaly similar to the thief who used knives in the movie, gracie jones was the black large female stick enemy, etc. hehe

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Post  SORMAKER on Sat Mar 16, 2019 2:34 pm

Garnet/Soozie can slap my face any day. Embarassed


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The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.) Empty Re: The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.)

Post  Garcia75 on Thu May 02, 2019 12:31 pm

SOR2 Jet and Abadede have wake-up invincibility just like Barbon, Jack, Trucker, Bear etc. Also, the trucker guy's invincibility is a one-framed, exactly like Antonio. There's at least some missing details

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The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.) Empty Re: The Ultimate Enemy Encyclopedia (W.I.P.)

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