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Some Ideas for mods/future projects

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Some Ideas for mods/future projects Empty Some Ideas for mods/future projects

Post  infinity Wed Aug 18, 2021 3:45 pm

Sorry if this is the wrong place or if there is a thread for this i just wanted to post these thoughts while i had them in mind. 2 ideas for future projects related to Sega/fangames in general.

Firstly a battle system that could work in a game like Paprium or SoR that has an Ikaruga type dark/light switch as special move on A - it makes for a really interesting possible strategies and depth (you can imagine the different switches yourself for each characters and how it can affect enemies - most basic idea being a Dark/Light Axel or a Big/Fast Max).

Secondly, Jet Set Radio is a game quite overlooked in Sega community considering its era, it's 3D etc. bombastic soundtrack and so on, fits very well the mood and speed of an SoR type game. Already Skate is in the game. Could there at least be the possibility of Skate modifications and levels in a JSR style? The combat was never very good in JSR/F but it would be nice here. A Graffiti mechanic could work in 2D as well. Even just fast/fun combat with 2 modified Skates in JSR type levels.

I'm not really sure if the engine would be appropriate for a full JSR type game with exploration/vertical levels and such but you can definitely imagine a fun fast paced spin-off in the current engine.

I posted these as I believe they fit very well into the general vibe of the games and SoR going forward now that it's kinda 'complete'. Just wanted to have those ideas noted down.


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Some Ideas for mods/future projects Empty Re: Some Ideas for mods/future projects

Post  Don Vecta Wed Aug 18, 2021 8:23 pm

First, there's a forum for SORmaker already. Moving the topic there.

Second, there's so many ideas but little work. Put some work, design your stages or characters and make them real.

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