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Enemy Attack Power/Damage Editing

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Enemy Attack Power/Damage Editing Empty Enemy Attack Power/Damage Editing

Post  invertedzero Sun Aug 01, 2021 2:00 pm

Is there any way to insert a variant of an enemy that not only has different HP, but different attack power / damage from certain attacks?

I think this would be a great inclusion to have to make variants of certain enemies more/less menacing, or versions of enemies where you have to ensure you avoid a certain type of attack more than the regular version. eg. you could make a Particle robot variant where the electric beam shot does 150% of the damage it normally would, but the mace only does 80% of the regular damage. Or if this is too complicated as a first step, just a way to scale all damage done by them.

It would just be another way to potentially give names or colors of enemies more significance behind them when making a stage


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Enemy Attack Power/Damage Editing Empty Re: Enemy Attack Power/Damage Editing

Post  Don Vecta Wed Aug 04, 2021 2:46 pm

I also wanted that now that enemy swapping is a reality.
I just made Murphy from SOR4 into SORmaker along with NattyCat using Galvice as the core base, his moveset has all the potential to make a heavy/burly type enemy (a charged attack, a single haymaker punch, a flurry grab and a back grab), however, Galvice is still moving too fast and his damage is okayish at best.

Unfortunately, v5.2 dropped the ball (once again) by now being able to modify enemy behavior one by one as in modifying walking speed or damage per character so we can customize their behavior and deliver something different in a mod (as in the non-boss lack of burly muscular heavy enemies into the game, for instance?).
But yeah, character behavior would have been a great addition into SORmaker, but... oh well, we have to work with what we have on hand (v5.2 is not helping either)

Maybe, and JUST maybe, the only option would be trying to modify it by hex edition, but can't hold my breath into that.

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