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Working on Android

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Working on Android Empty Working on Android

Post  djbrotherson Sun May 28, 2017 3:44 pm

Here's the video with instructions but I'll paste them in here too

Reddit discussion (might be helpful if you're having trouble)


Streets of Rage Remake 5.1 download and full save game with all the options enabled:

SORR 5.1 -

SORR full Savegame -
*drop the file "savegame.sor" in the archive into "SORRv5\savegame" *

Download on your Android device:

"Game Keyboard+" for remapping gamepad controls

"EXA Gear Strategies" the Windows emulator

Game Keyboard+ setup:

Perform steps 1 - 3

Go to "settings" then "button mappings"
Change your respective gamepad buttons to regular keyboard buttons (A, B, C etc...)

EXA Gear setup:
Extract the SORRv5 folder from the archive file
Put the SORRv5 folder in the "ExaGear" folder on your device (should look like "\ExaGear\SoRRv5")

Run EXA Gear:
You should see "SORR.EXE" and "SoRMaker.exe"
Choose the 3 dots beside "SORR.EXE"
Choose the resolution for your device
(I used "640x480" and then I enabled "full screen" in the menu options)
Colour Depth - "32" (fixes the graphics)
Locale - "C"
Default Controls - "Helium"

Go back and choose "SORR.EXE" to begin playing

In the game menu, go to "options" - "controls" then map out your gamepad buttons

I cannot post links because I'm a brand new member so you'll have to throw the http or https on front of the links


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Working on Android Empty Re: Working on Android

Post  Sshadow5001 Sat Jun 03, 2017 3:47 am

This is very interesting, now I just need a decent android device to try it on.

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Working on Android Empty Re: Working on Android

Post  kelgar Thu Dec 26, 2019 10:25 am

I managed to boot it in android tv, on an nvidia shield, but there is no way to make the nvidia pad working.
Any ideas?


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Working on Android Empty Re: Working on Android

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