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Custom enemy names

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Custom enemy names Empty Custom enemy names

Post  ZM5 Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:57 pm


If you do change the enemy names, what do you change them to?

Myself I like going for "themed" names for some of the enemies (sometimes more than 1), with maybe a few one-off names as references.

SOR2 Galsia: Mobster names, i.e Luciano, Forreli, Tony, Marvin, Vito, Al, Mickey Z, Giovanni.
SOR2 Ninjas: MK palette swap names - Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Rain, Ermac, Tremor, Smoke, Cyrax, Sektor, etc.
Slash: Slasher villain and serial killer names - Myers, Sawyer, Chucky, Jason, Bateman, Gein, Dahmer, Zodiac, Manson, etc. Also "Rick" as the default name.
SOR3 Donovan: Boxer names - Klitschko, Panama, Tyson, Ali, Rocky, Froch, Foreman, etc.

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