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Pokemon: Game for pc

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Pokemon: Game for pc Empty Pokemon: Game for pc

Post  Security Wed Oct 19, 2016 12:46 am

Many people like pokemon, many people would want to play it on pc, without emulators and restrictions (inability to trade, obligatory use of official Nintendo servers that block any non legal version, etc). I have good news for pokemasters! This August, a very ambitious, plus polished and well made game, of pokemon for pc, was released! They were working on it no less than 9 years! It is a complete, fully functional pokemon game, for pc exclusively, featuring new creatures (from the developers' creation but they are very well made), a new continent, some old pokemon, a new type and the game is rich and complex, both in graphics and gameplay, like pokemon games of the DS era! It has its own server for trades, battles, mysterygifts, a large community and initial, plus lingering, critical success and appeal to gamers! It now is in the third update and of course, it is going to be kept getting fixes, enhancements etc.

Lately, fan-made games seem to have exceptional quality and demonstrate astonishing level of inspiration and talent, from the part of their developers, plus dedication and passion... Nine years, for crying out loud! What a wonderful result! Right after SORR, this has to be my second most beloved fan-game ever created! Maybe, it can be yours, too?

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