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Weapon Health Reference

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Weapon Health Reference Empty Weapon Health Reference

Post  Guest Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:03 am

You can set different versions of a weapon as long as it's not placed within an object.
Each version has a specific HP value (below).
If you absolutely need a different version inside an item, just put it on the floor, then overlap the item in the scene to create the illusion of it holding the weapon. Some enemies may still try to pick it up, so this will look bad if you don't take with care how you do it.

48 Pipe
104 Heavy.P
16 Old Pipe
8 Tin Pipe

104 Katana
48 Namakura
72 Takemitsu
8x1 Kotetsu
48x1 Masamune
72x1 Muramasa
104x1 Kusanagi
104 Sword

48 Bat
104x1 Metal Bat (64 if brought by Garcia-1)

88 Plank
8 Branch
16 Wood
56 Stick
88 Lumber

16 Knife
8 Paper.K
16 Fruit.K
40 Knife.K
64 Army.K
104 Dagger
8 Blade
32 Kunai
32 Bottle


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Weapon Health Reference Empty Re: Weapon Health Reference

Post  Don Vecta Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:24 am

Some useful additional info:

- Metal Bats brought by the G-Men-1 have a lot less durability than the ones available in breakable items or lying on the ground.
- The knives that the G-Men carry in the "annoying" position will always be marked as "Knife", and they'll have very low durability. In fact, the knife seems used up as it has half its bar consumed once grabbed (around 8 HP, the same as the Paper.K). Usually one stab will break it off.
- The Army Knives pulled out by the G-Men-1 are normal and have the same 64 HP.
- If you still don't know how to change its name and durability, place the weapon in the map of SORmaker, and right click on it, you'll have the options ready. Unfortunately, firearms (pea shooters, machine guns and RPG's) cannot be customized to modify ammo capacity.

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