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[Tutorial] Layer Placement (Foregrounds and Backgrounds)

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[Tutorial] Layer Placement (Foregrounds and Backgrounds) Empty [Tutorial] Layer Placement (Foregrounds and Backgrounds)

Post  Benny26 on Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:13 pm

*Original post by DarkValentine

(In response to somebody having trouble with foregrounds)

If you mean you're trying to make something appear in the foreground, you have to make sure the other layer you're using, has a Z axis that has a negative number. (not sure what it's called, but that's as close as I can put it).

[Tutorial] Layer Placement (Foregrounds and Backgrounds) Xogwwm

Taking a tip from the tutorials that are already there, you need to make sure your extra layer, is of another number. your main layer will always be 1. if you want to add another layer, use 10. the more images you add in that isn't going to be animated, the higher the number you'll be using if you plan on using multiple layers.

1 = main floor
10 = extra layer 1
20 = extra layer 2, etc.

If you plan on animating, then said layer needs consecutive numbers to fall into place.

10 = extra animated layer 1
11 = extra animated layer 2, etc.

if you have 5 images that make a background/foreground element move into animation, then you have to use 10, 11,12,13,14. If you want more layers with animated segments, then you use the next class of numbers, like 20,21, 22,etc. use as many for that class of layer as it's limit provides. With each segmented number class from 10 on up, can hold up to 10 animation frames ranging from 0 to 9, but your initial floor layer ALWAYS must remain 1. if you miss any one of those numbers, it appears broken. And chances are, will not work.

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