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The Forum Rules

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The Forum Rules Empty The Forum Rules

Post  Benny26 Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:13 pm

Rules of the Forum:

1. Respect the other members, without insulting or behaving annoyingly.
2. No SMS language. Don't type with CAPS LOCK. Use the language of the current forum.
3. Trolling or the use of multiple nicknames are not allowed.
4. No personal discussions, no references to other sites or banned members for the purposes of flaming.
5. Before starting a new topic, always make a search.
6. No offtopic, don't flood the forums, don't make unnecessary quotations, don't bump dead threads.
7. Do not advertise recurrently or for self-benefit on the forums.
8. Abuse of the private messaging function (trolling or bullying) will not be tolerated.

Breaking these rules will result in either a warning or possibly even a ban.

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