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Create my first mod as beginner (from scratch)

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Create my first mod as beginner (from scratch) Empty Create my first mod as beginner (from scratch)

Post  SteveSOR Mon Jul 12, 2021 10:55 am

Hi guys. I'd like to create my first mod but I don't know anything about SORMaker. Could you write in detail the steps that I have to do? I am an beginner that has to start from scratch. Thank you in advance.


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Create my first mod as beginner (from scratch) Empty Re: Create my first mod as beginner (from scratch)

Post  Rain Mon Jul 12, 2021 9:25 pm

ok bro I reel you i remember having some trouble when I started back in 2019

Number 1 thing you need is the fpg editor

you will use this to put you stages and export them in a .fpg with is the file sormaker takes

in side the fpg file you can have multi layers that you can edit inside sormaker

here's how to export stages
you name the file stage1a.fpg

you put this inside of your mod folder..

the "A" represents each scene of the stage for example

streets of rage 2 stage 1 the city is the 1st scene so in sormaker it would be called stage1a.fpg

the bar would be the second scene so stage1b.fpg

you can have 16 scenes and 8 stage so that's plenty  

(also to to make mod go to you mod folder then games folder and make a folder of the name of your mod)

2 how to make cutscene

making a cutscene is optional but if you do you need a program called cutscene maker with was made by the communty


inside the folder that you put your fpg files in make another folder called script

when you open cutscene maker maker

go to and follow those instruction

then click continue

find the script folder inside of your the folder that has all your fpg files

then start typing and you can select what character  what to say

where it says "show time " i recommend this number 240

if you want to make a cutscene while the during the game then

you use the cutscene number for the beginning  of the program also the numbers start at 0

3 enemy placemt

here is video

if you need more help i sent you a friend request so feel free to ask me anything

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