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Paintown made by Ryu Hoshi

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Paintown made by Ryu Hoshi Empty Paintown made by Ryu Hoshi

Post  Ryu Hoshi Thu Sep 26, 2019 7:55 am

Hello guys, this is my very first topic in this forum, this first mod is called Paintown based on the OpenBOR based game Paintown, made by Juvinious and Kazzmir/Jon Rafkind, like mention a little while ago, this game was based on the original Beats of Rage, but with new characters like Ryu and Goku. Paintown also came with a built in Mugen Game, anyways, enjoy this new mod. Here is the file/t4ucwn92uwwcb0j/
Ryu Hoshi
Ryu Hoshi

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