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SoRR flatpak & OpenGL wrapper for Linux

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SoRR flatpak & OpenGL wrapper for Linux - Page 2 Empty Re: SoRR flatpak & OpenGL wrapper for Linux

Post  El Gambito Thu Aug 17, 2023 4:50 pm

Broscar wrote:Doublepost! I think it's warranted  bounce

I've finally released the big update.
SoRR v5.2 and v5.1 in one easy package.
OpenGL GPU acceleration.
Shader support.

The installation of the entire thing requires like 2 extra steps now (couldn't include the OpenGL wrapper in the flatpak, unfortunately), but I've kept it nice and easy.
Due to a lack of testers, I can only guarantee that it works on Fedora and Ubuntu (+ Ubuntu-based derivatives). It should work on most distributions, though you might have to dig around a bit to get the proper package names for all dependencies.

Nintendo Switch port is semi-cancelled. As in it's technically finished, but building it takes absolutely ages and from what I can tell they don't actually care.

Why it took so long:

Is the Switch version canned? I'd like to volunteer as a tester if it's still on the table.Smile

Thanks a lot for the Linux port, I'm enjoying the shaders afro
As a sidenote, I managed to add the game to Steam through Lutris, could be useful for Steam Deck users

SoRR flatpak & OpenGL wrapper for Linux - Page 2 8_blaz11 Blaze luver <3 Max mainer and occassional Axel, Adam and Shiva player!
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