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rise from your graveee! (my little pottery works) ;)

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rise from your graveee! (my little pottery works) ;) Empty rise from your graveee! (my little pottery works) ;)

Post  cabo-hicks Fri May 22, 2015 1:29 pm

hi guys/girls...

yes, "rise from your grave!". like on the begin of the incredible sega game "altered beast". Smile Twisted Evil

this is a little collection of works i done on the passed year on a pottery course.
hope you like... Wink #!Q0Zk2LzK!C2I3eFNKo1sMskqW7pGdVgf3Ru4Pc02vbpSOhPF9e6Q #!dlIyHBwK!2eD_DnIocYvgmMGlhnigSqQ-VhrQFE7Gv1h7dNowYls #!BtRxVIYC!HWjNl_tLq7xAIAVFanIE6OcaXm90HeOq-NQV_djgRzQ

rise from your graveee! (my little pottery works) ;) 53F3R42
the ghostbusters logo was easy... you only need to use a copycat image taken from internet, and put that over the mud. then, you can copy the draw using a neddle. making holes along all the draw...

after that, you will have the draw already copied over the clay. for can start to work adding little pieces of mud for make it will have the shape slowly.

if you have in front of you the original draw, or even a keychain (like was my case) it is much more easy to do it.

on the black vase i put some egypt elements, as the giza pyramids, a camel... and also some strange elements for joke... Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

since pacman or a ghost in the upper part, from a mummy from metal slug, and even marco transformed into mummy firing to the other mummy... LOL  look carefully, they are there. hehe

later i used something for make they looks darker. and these details can be seen more easily than that.

ps -future works?:  Question
i really want to buy some of those clay named "fimo", with wich is possible may else thing since is easy to handle as clay, but much more tought. and is easy to cooking. cause it required a lower temperature. Smile

i saw some incredible cool things on the net, like for example starbucks coffees maked on fimo. hehehe
that girl is very good. she has done many different things.

some ideas:
thinking that way, i think it will be very possible create your own toy/figure, for example a shiva from streets of rage 2? well, with some imagination and some work... i think it could be very possible.

i even tought about do the ed 209 from robocop, since i losed my opportunity to buy one, just one year ago when neca released it.

i saw ed 209 even for papercraft... so on fimo it will be possible too.
more if you have in front of you that papercraft model done.
(well, that i suppose... maybe ed 209 is too hard?...) Question

but for start, is much better take easy things as the gb logo. a thing easy with not too many details...
for example, as the marsmallow monster. that also is both cool and funny.

i have a pyggybank of the marsmallow monster. and i tought all the time the same... this funny toy could be very easy of be reproduced on fimo or even on pottery... Rolling Eyes hehe  

by the way... another thing is really easy to do, is sonic...  Smile
in fact, i started with clay as child doing some sonic chars...

and is curious how after years without do nothing more, you decided to start a new one, and... is like ride a bike!...

you not only dont forget how to do it. you even do it BETTER everytime that you decides to do another work.   even when sometimes i was like 2 or 3 years folllowed doing absolubtly nothing with the clay.

on my house i have some easy similar things. as tiki from the newzealand story, the green dragon of bubble bobble, or blue and green from gunstar heroes.

the pity if that they are up on my bed. and these clay things get many dust. LOTS of dust!. Razz
also clay broke himself just with the pass of the time. exactly as pottery does if something fall to the ground... Razz  pale

thats why i really would like to try to work with that fimo clay... cause it looks easy and durable.
(or that looks at least)

greetings Wink

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things like change the prehistoric isle ending, play as the enemies in double dragon1&2, sonic codes, etc, etc. Wink

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