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Super Axel (sor3)

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Super Axel (sor3) Empty Super Axel (sor3)

Post  daniel2221 Sat Sep 16, 2023 1:23 am

Hello everyone. I've been modding bk3 Axel to increase his attack ranges by adding flame effects. I used BKIII Axel Deluxe mod as a base, because it already contains some improved range, but I think that Axel3 would be even a better character to play. Since it's impossible to change the damage and delays, the only thing that can be edited is the range. The flames improved the character somewhat, but not enough. I've done some basic sprite editing to add range in a quick way, but to add more range in a way that fits well, it's necessary a more advanced edit, not only in the flames but also in Axel's stances.
Super Axel (sor3) Untitl15

It would be great if Axel had long-range moves, such as Maz (a mod that also replaces Axel3's FPG).
I'm not willing anymore to continue this work, so, I decided to share it here for those who would like to continue this idea. Feel free to edit and share the mod.

You can se below a gameplay of the character using Break's palette:

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Super Axel (sor3) Empty Re: Super Axel (sor3)

Post  Axle Stone 1991 Sat Sep 16, 2023 12:47 pm

I like this mod a lot, since I'm a Axel main Very Happy . its a shame the attack damage/speed could not be edited because that would make new custom characters over BKlll Axel different from the original fpg`s attack ability, oh well. Good Job seriously. cheers Thumbs up

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