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Woe is me!!

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Woe is me!! Empty Woe is me!!

Post  Karo-sempai Fri Sep 15, 2023 10:01 pm

Oh, woe is me!
I had a good collection of mods,
and some ideas for several of my own mods were being put together (even if I had to swipe locations and portraits from other games for that, with sincere and ardent apologies to the authors and with proper credit to them; because I don't know how to draw, I still find it difficult to use Photoshop)...

And I had a collection of other people's fanfics, and, again, my own ones were being thought over, I started to try and compose them...

And a whole bunch of scripts for mods were being written by me little by little...

......And then BANG! -- a catastrophe. Two of the four hard drives died, almost suddenly. And at the same time Windows refused to boot, I had to reinstall it. As a result, all the mods are pffft, all the collections are pffft, all the scenarios are pffft ... "Everything that was acquired by backbreaking work!!.." -- as one satirical character says in one cult Russian film.
Such a mishap! Such a depression. I felt so damn unhappy. Panic


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