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[Tutorial] Enable CPU Partner in SorMaker

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[Tutorial] Enable CPU Partner in SorMaker Empty [Tutorial] Enable CPU Partner in SorMaker

Post  realnabarl Sun Feb 03, 2013 6:34 am

As we all know, SorR v5 allows player to have a CPU partner to play a game. However it is for the main game not for SorMaker. But we can make it by using cheat tools.

The idea is by celestinx, I will write in short:
There is a value in the game, when CPU is enabled, it is 1. But when CPU is disabled, it is 0. So our work is to make it from 0 to 1.

When you set the value to 1, CPU will join the game.

Then how can we do that? Find the address then edit the value.
We need a tool to do that, like Cheat Engine, ArtMoney, etc...
In the game, when 1P is with a CPU partner, searching 1, in other situations searching 0, finally you can exclude all the useless address, then you can edit the value.
This video shows how to do it with Cheat Engine.

The found address would not change when I was using my Windows XP (unless I re-installed it), however it always changes after I switched to Windows 7. So I have to search the value every time I wanted to play with CPU partner. Recently I tried to find the pointer, however I failed, but I still got a easier way to enable CPU. Check this video, download is in the description.

One more thing, after you enabled the CPU partner, it's just in its default AI level "balanced". You might want to change it into "aggresive". Well there is another value controls this (balanced is 1, aggresive is 2, passive is 3, materialistic is 4, stupid is 5). You can find it and change it. But there is an easier way: Enter CPU friend mode in the main menu, select the level you want (the value would change if you did this), then quit to the main menu and start playing your mod. This value would be reseted to default if the game demo is played, be careful.

I think the reason why the game does not allow us to play with CPU is maps in a mod could be complex and CPU can't hold it. However if there ain't any pits or some complex obstacles, CPU was able to pass the scene.

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