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Beat'em Up World site (in the wake of PunchPedia)

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Beat'em Up World site (in the wake of PunchPedia) Empty Beat'em Up World site (in the wake of PunchPedia)

Post  Winged Cat on Thu May 07, 2020 9:49 am

Hello, my dear beat'em up lovers, I bet you already know about the #1 site devoted to brawlers -
But it didn't have updates for 5 years, so it's time to make it live again. Unfortunately I don't have time to contritbute and don't have enough Backend skills to add some features to PunchPedia. ...Buuuuut I have to practise Frontend and making another ToDo List is boring as hell. So why not learn and make something useful at the same time? (I talked with creator of PunchPedia and he is ok with use of his site data).

So here it is, Frontend-powered Beat'em Up World:

Pros: Filter by ALL parameters (most of them are not so useful but still that's cool), no need for hosting, easy to contribute via Pull Requests, Beat'em Ups "API".
Cons: backend as JSON, no cool domain name.

Feel free to add new games here easily:
I hope that this project will help us to revive interest in Beat'em Up genre and make the beat'em ups database 100% completed. But you still may contribute to PunchPedia as well. Just let us know.

I'd like to see your comments: which features should be added, what should be enhanced/removed etc., any feedback is appreciated!. - source code

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