Permission to use SORR songs

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Permission to use SORR songs Empty Permission to use SORR songs

Post  daniel2221 on Sun Mar 08, 2020 2:39 pm

Hello everyone, I am new to this community and I think about adding many good things here in the future.

Today through this post I am looking for contact with the authors of the SORR remixes, because I read in a txt file of the game that to use the songs in something you need to ask permission of an author of the same.

I want to use some SORR songs in pixel art videos of SOR characters that I will redesign.
One of the arts is ready and I'm just waiting for the authorization of a song (Cycle II) to put on the video.

If there are music remix authors here on the forum, please answer me. If an authorization is not necessary for this purpose, I will only credit the author.

Sorry for my english.

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