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The Literal Console Wars Mod

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The Literal Console Wars Mod Empty The Literal Console Wars Mod

Post  Doomerzan Sun Jan 26, 2020 3:38 am

Well, the development of the Saturn/Dreamcast Brawler Trilogy is going very rough. Relearning the engine and getting back into the rythym of developing was hard (Haven't even made a good looking stage yet) and the spriters resource's sprite gallery is a little lackluster for what I'm trying to do. It also limits my creativity. So for the moment, I'm trying out something new and original, and you may appreciate it alot.
Okay, so the mod story goes as this: Early 1996 in an alternate universe: All around the world, there is a big power outage, and all the power generators are on the fritz. They are eventually able to boot back up, but something strange happens. A huge bolt of electricity goes through the wires throughout multiple towns, making electronic household objects and toys freak out. And the Sega, Atari, 3DO, and Nintendo headquarters experience something strange. some of their console's mascots jump out of the game machines in the building. The companies, after overcoiming shock and wonder, decide to use this for their advantage. After a few days, they decide to send out their mascots to defeat their rival's advertising campaigns. Their characters formed gangs, comprising of both company employees and fans, to beat the hell out of each other to compete for what console shall reign victorious and conquer the gaming world. Turns out that they werent the only ones with this advantage: The bad guys sony, who have been trumping everyone in the buisness, had these mascots too, and their selfish asses decide to try to strike down the others too. What gang will win and have their consoles become succesfull?

Characters (Of Course, Recreated By Palletes)
Sega: The SOR Gang (No Palletes Needed)
Mario: Axel SOR2
Luigi: Adam (If I can manage to change the skin Color)
Peach: Blaze SOR1
Toad: Skate SOR2
Daisy: Rudra
Gex: Shiva SOR2
Laura (D): Blaze SOR1
Edward Carnaby: Axel SOR1
Atari: (Sorry I Don't Know Much About The Jaguar)
Doomguy: Axel SOR 3
Wolfenstein: Adam


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The Literal Console Wars Mod Empty Re: The Literal Console Wars Mod

Post  Herb1e Tue Jan 28, 2020 1:59 am

This mod looks very good and promising, make sure to keep updates and screenshots here. You should also add other Nintendo characters like from Kirby, Legend of Zelda, or Pokemon

The Literal Console Wars Mod Dc_ban10

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