SoRR 5.1 flatpak 4 Linux inside

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SoRR 5.1 flatpak 4 Linux inside Empty SoRR 5.1 flatpak 4 Linux inside

Post  Broscar on Fri Aug 30, 2019 6:56 pm

Hey everyone,

I made a flatpak for SoRR 5.1. It's pretty much plug 'n play.
The existing Linux solutions didn't really tickle my fancy and I read DrJuano's request a few days ago Razz. Sorry I didn't see it sooner!

Writeup and other stuff:
Shut up give me the flatpak:
sha256: f4566fbeb32fdd367ad5de8005b8a4e7483c2f3b4db230e7138897086cf577fb

$ flatpak --user install sorr.flatpak
Savedata is stored in ~/.var/app/nl.broscar.sorr/data

It should automagically install the .desktop file and appear in your system menu too, but you can also run it straight from the command line:
$ flatpak run nl.broscar.sorr
If your distribution ships with Wayland by default, you're probably better off switching your login session to Xorg for SoRR. Fullscreen is broken in Wayland. It's kinda broken on Xorg too, so if it starts up a garbled mess you can usually resolve that by pressing alt+enter twice.

It uses a recent version of the engine as opposed to the ancient one included with most downloads and I didn't test the flatpak on a clean install of Linux, so please do report back if you run into unforeseen bugs.

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SoRR 5.1 flatpak 4 Linux inside Empty Re: SoRR 5.1 flatpak 4 Linux inside

Post  DrJuano on Sat Sep 21, 2019 4:23 pm

I'm very grateful! Awesome!


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