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Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited)

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How was 2017 overall as a year for gaming for you?

Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited) I_vote_lcap100%Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited) I_vote_rcap 100% 
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Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited) I_vote_lcap0%Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited) I_vote_rcap 0% 
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Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited) I_vote_lcap0%Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited) I_vote_rcap 0% 
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Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited) I_vote_lcap0%Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited) I_vote_rcap 0% 
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Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited) I_vote_lcap0%Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited) I_vote_rcap 0% 
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Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited) I_vote_lcap0%Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited) I_vote_rcap 0% 
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Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited) Empty Your 2017 GOTY Awards (Along with 2007 GOTY Awards Revisited)

Post  Saven Sun Dec 31, 2017 5:29 pm

Yep, it's that time again. Another year has gone by and now we look at the year in review.

What is your GOTY of 2017, Runner Up of 2017, Biggest Disappointment of 2017, and your Most Anticipated Game for 2018?

Overall......WOW!!!! What a fucking year this has been! Shocked

No really, I haven't seen a year this good in a very fucking long time. I thought those days were left in the past. This has been the first good year for video games in 13 years (the last being 2004). There were so many good games that came out this year and a couple of them are easily some of the best games I have ever played in my life. I don't know if this will be like 1994, 1998, or 2001 as far as being a legendary year for video games, but it's with years like 2004 that is just a tier below it. With that being said, there are still some games that I haven't even gotten to yet that are so good (such as Cuphead apparently) because I can't stop playing some of the new ones that came out this year. Laughing

It was a good year for the industry too as Japan finally strikes back with their first good batch of video games since the last decade and they are looking to stay. NeoFAG finally died the miserable death it deserves and is no longer a parasite on the industry. Nintendo looks (and let me emphasize that, looks) to be back as well and had one kickass year. They took everyone by surprise with the Switch and a great year one lineup. They need to keep this up and not turn the console into another Wii - which was a console that looked promising, and then ended up being one of their worst consoles yet. Please don't fuck this up Nintendo, you got a great console right now!

Only bad thing I can say about this year are - again, like the last 45438059840 topics, DELAYS. I'm glad companies are getting attacked for this shit now by the public. It truly is unacceptable. Next year is looking a bit lacking unless we get some surprise release dates for games that look nowhere to be done. I'm still hopeful that we are getting a good year next year and that we are finally leaving the equivalent of the New Generation Era that started in 2003 (worst year for gaming since 1983) and that we are now getting into the Attitude Era of gaming.

Anyways, let's get to the actual meat of the topic: Our picks!

My Game of the Year of 2017: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
If you guys saw me after E3 2016 on this board, you all know that I was just absolutely gushing over this game. It finally came out on March 3rd and you know what I think? It absolutely delivered!

Ok, before I start fanwanking all over this game, I will go ahead and just start off with the bad points: The story and main dungeons did kinda suck. The bosses for those main dungeons (outside of the DLC one) were very uninspiring, which is pretty disappointing for a Zelda game as there's always a good variety of bosses. And honestly, the enemy variety overall could've been a lot better. There were too many missing classic enemies in this series for them to not be here. I'm not too worried about the story though, as I don't play Zelda for story and only view that as a bonus (the only Zelda story that wowed me was OOT tbh). The worst part about the game are the motion control shrines and I think everyone agrees with me on that. Those really sucked.

Thankfully though, those issues that appear to be pretty big are actually a very minor issue in this game believe it or not. I've always been a guy that wants to explore everything in a Zelda world. This was a problem in recent Zelda games where it's a linear "Go to this dungeon, now go to this dungeon, then this one, and that one, and beat the final boss. The End." This game erases all of that shit and is non-linear after the Great Plateau section in the beginning of the game. Hell, you can go straight to the final boss if you want to (you are gonna get your ass kicked on your first playthrough so don't even bother lol). Breath of the Wild is a true representation of what Zelda 1 would look like as a modern 3D game.

There is just so much to do in this game and it's easy to get lost right away. The shrines (which I was a little skeptical about at E3 2016), ended up being a very welcomed addition. Most of these were incredibly fun (outside of the motion control shrines like I just mentioned). There is so much you can do in this incredible vast open world that Nintendo brought to life. There is never a time where you are just wandering around doing nothing like in a lot of bad open world games (*cough* Ubisoft *cough*). Chances are, you are exploring hidden caves or other areas for treasure/shrines, korok seeds, side quests, etc. The game wants you to do these and you should, they are so much fun. I spent so much time just breathing in the wild *slaps knee* that I forgot about the main quests half the time. I actually didn't even start my first main dungeon until 20-30 hours into my first playthrough. Speaking of which, I'm currently on my 3rd playthrough of this fantastic game and it isn't even 2018 yet (in the States)! That just speaks volumes on this game. When it came out in March, I played it from then to the end of May where I finally decided to move on. I immediately got nostalgic for it not even a year later, and now I gotta play it again. The last game where I did that was with Streets of Rage Remake, which is one of the greatest games ever made.

Nintendo hit this out of the ballpark and I recommend this to EVERYONE. There were people where Zelda as a franchise was dead to them are now back in after this game. I'm a casual Zelda fan too, so I'm not into it like a lot of other people are. And if I'm being honest here, this game is in my Top 10 Video Games of All Time (and it keeps going up, so I don't know where it will sit after it's all said and done). Seriously, this is one of the greatest video games ever made and if it weren't for SORR, this would be my game of the decade so far. Way to go Nintendo!

My Runner-up of 2017: Super Mario Odyssey
Imagine that, another Nintendo game in my Top 2 this year. When I saw footage of this for the first time back in January, I knew right away that Nintendo decided they wanted to internally fight it out for the best game this year instead of with the whole industry lol. While this was not quite as good as Zelda (which is rare for me as I'm a bigger Mario fan than Zelda), this is still an incredible game to play. As someone who thinks that the 3D Mario games have mostly been a miss and that the only good one was Mario 64 (sorry Galaxy fans, that was overrated shite), the next good Mario game FINALLY came out this past October.

For anyone that loved Mario 64 as much as I did, you will not be disappointed with this game. This game is a throwback to Mario 64 in so many ways. Back are the open levels that you can explore moons in (they replace stars) and gone are the awful uninspired linear levels that plagued all of Super Mario Galaxy. The levels in this game are amazing and just like BOTW, there is never nothing to do and you will spend a lot of time trying to 100% this game. The music is incredible in this game, which is always expected in a Mario game. Cappy is an incredible sidekick (which is rare for a Nintendo game) that makes platforming and other things so much fun in this game. And a first for a Mario game, the story was entertaining and fun. And another first for a Mario game, it made me cry. Laughing I'm being serious too, there is a certain section in this game that does such a great job that you have to shed tears for it. The post-game is also incredible and even better than the main game itself!

And lastly, the Metro Kingdom - the city we saw in trailers. I want to single this out for a reason, and that is to talk about how great it is. The Metro Kingdom from start to finish is just simply FANTMOTHERFUCKINGTASTIC! This is my favorite moment in a video game this year and probably in my Top 10 video game moments of all time. Everything was just simply awesome during this level. I absolutely adored this stage and everyone needs to get to it.

Now as far as negatives are concerned. I didn't care for how the game felt on-rails as I was going through the main story, forcing you from collecting power moons until post-game. Some of the power moons (which were all post game) were incredibly frustrating and don't make me want to do another 100% run ever again. And lastly, once again, FUCKING MOTION CONTROLS! The implementation of these were worse than Zelda. Stop with this faggotry already Nintendo! Nobody likes it and gave up on it in 2010! Unlike Zelda where the motion controlled shrines are technically optional to main quest players, there are points where you kinda need to use them and the worst part about it is is that it hurts the portability of this game. There are a lot of parts where you will need to take the joycons away from the tablet for some motion control segment before putting them back in place, so you might as well play the game on a big screen. That's a shame for a console where one of the main features is that you can literally play it anywhere.

But with that being said, this was an incredible game from start to finish. I wouldn't rank it as high as Zelda, but it's definitely in my Top 30.

This was truly Nintendo's year.


And while we are on the subject of great video games, I just wanted to list other great games that would've been GOTY in years past if it weren't for titles like Zelda and Mario. Some of you may remember me gushing over RE7 earlier this year, calling it GOTY material. Unfortunately, Zelda and Mario came out this year so it will just fall short. Other noticeable games were Sonic Mania (which I expect will be listed quite a bit in this topic) and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy were also incredible games that I would recommend checking out if you haven't already.

My Favorite Video Game Song of 2017: "Chemical Plant Zone Act 1" by Tee Lopes (originally by Masato Nakamura) from Sonic Mania

Some of you may know that Chemical Plant from Sonic 2 is one of my Top 10 video game songs of all time, so it should be no surprise that it would end up here when it's done right. While not quite as good as the original (that one is hard to top), this is still an awesome arrangement.

My Biggest Let Down of 2017: Double Dragon IV
What the fuck was the point of this? I knew once I saw it being announced a month before release that this was going to be a bad quick buck game. And sure as shit, I was right. Incredibly uninspired (just take a look at the sprites compared to the backgrounds, it looks like a shitty fan game). By far the worst soundtrack in the entire series, even the Double Dragon theme sucks in this. How do you fuck that up? Another story that takes itself WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too seriously. Lame villains, lame stages, just lame all around. Such a damn shame too, they had so much to work with coming off of the incredible Double Dragon Neon and they pissed it all away for good. I wouldn't be surprised if Double Dragon stays dead for good after this hunk of shit.

My Most Anticipated Games for 2018: ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove, God of War (2018), Shadow of the Colossus (2018), Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, & Spider-Man (2018)
Let me go ahead and quote something I said last year:

My Most Anticipated Games for 2017: Final Fantasy VII Remake (I would like to think that Square Enix would be able to release the first part in time for it's 20th anniversary. If it can't even make the European 20th Anniversary release in November, then that's pretty shitty), The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Shenmue III, Resident Evil 7: biohazard, and ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove
I'm going to say that 75% of these are not going to come out next year because delaying games is the cool thing this generation. >_>

60% of them didn't come out, I was close. Two of those games (FFVII and Shenmue III) aren't even expected to come out this year. Seriously, they need to stop doing this shit.

Anyways, from the games that are expected to come out next year that I've listed, it looks like it will be a step down from this year. Not an awful year, but not as great as this year. Hope I'm wrong. Smile

Retrospective: 2007 in Gaming
This is something new I want to try with this topic, taking a look back on older years now that we have had time to play most of those games from 10 years ago. Since I started these topics in 2007 back on the old site (RIP), it would be interesting to look back and see what our favorite were back then and what they are now. Here are the games that defined 2007:

Assassin's Creed
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Contra 4
The Darkness
God of War II
Guitar Hero III: Legend of Rock
Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Halo 3
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Mass Effect
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Rock Band
Silent Hill: Origins
Super Mario Galaxy
Team Fortress 2
Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
The Witcher

My Favorite Game of 2007: Portal

My Runner-Up of 2007: God of War II

My Favorite Song of 2007: "Battlerock Galaxy" by Mahito Yokota & Koji Kondo from Super Mario Galaxy

My Biggest Disappointment of 2007: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Overall, I still don't understand the massive boner people have for this year and how they still compare it to 1998 and 2001 as the greatest year ever for gaming. A lot of these supposed good games are actually shit. Portal and God of War II are still the only two games that I would consider great from that year. EASILY the most overrated year for gaming ever.

Bring on 2018!

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