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Open Bor and crashes?

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Open Bor and crashes? Empty Open Bor and crashes?

Post  Security Wed May 03, 2017 12:00 pm

I played Golden Axe Myth the other day and even though it was a really fun ride, it had many issues... From beasts glitching and being not-usable by the player, all the way to random crashes and error messages.

I fought my way through the game to the bonus stage at the end, unlocked the Super Badass (obviously, Death Adder Classic), only for the game to crash, right before the end (score and saving). Twice at that, even, too! Two times i beat the damn thing, only for it to crash and crash!

Is there any workaround to stabilize it? Should i manually somehow install another version on OpenBor? I could use any help, really! Facepalm with a Desk

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