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free yuyee... help wild frank to give back his wife!

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free yuyee... help wild frank to give back his wife! Empty free yuyee... help wild frank to give back his wife!

Post  cabo-hicks Mon May 25, 2015 5:11 pm

this man is an adventurer of a tv program called "wild frank".

days ago, i heard about his full story on "el hormiguero"...

basically, his wife yuyee was jailed by a false case of drugs... and all was for liberate a captured animal by the furtives on thailand... a country where now the corrupt of the gouvertmen is so high, that even the country is near to a civil war. Razz

you can watch the story here in this video of his channel:

he is looking for people sign on this website, for make their case could be revisited and try to get out yuyee from the jail. and she can get back with his sons.

for make some pression, he needs 1 millions of firms. and this only takes 1 minute. you dont need to put there personal info or movile phones numbers, etc. dont worry.

the idea, is that since thailand lives from the tourist, they dont wanted bad publicity, and this works on similar cases. so please, sign there for help him. it will take you just a moment...

the sign option is up. exactly in the follow link:

they only will ask you your email and name. thats all. none other personal information.
the other day they already get 350.000 firms. but they must reach 1 million.

and here are the wild frank channel:

greetings Wink. and many thanks for your collaboration. beetwhen all we can sucedeed!. Wink

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