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My Arm, My Arm, My Arm!!! [God Hand Faqs]

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My Arm, My Arm, My Arm!!! [God Hand Faqs] Empty My Arm, My Arm, My Arm!!! [God Hand Faqs]

Post  BigDarsh on Sun May 12, 2013 7:57 pm

I played this game a lot, I watched hours of videos, and I read a ton of technical article about this awesome game. I know people love it and I want to share all the knowledge I gathered about it, so people can enjoy it a bit more.

Dodge System:
Duck: It evades high attacks. Don't be fooled, the game is filled with high attacks. Mid and low attacks are very rare.
Even some Axe Kick are treated as high attack. Duck is almost a guard.

Sidestep: Beware to circular moves but very handy in lower difficulty. In higher difficulty, just use it when needed.

Backflip: Very dangerous to spam since the A.I will trigger an anti back dash as soon as you input it. Use it when needed or to move away after knocking down an opponent.

Free Move:
They are very damaging, and increase their damage each time you complete a stage
Dash [], Dash /\: Flying Tackle, Flying Kick. Good for Crowd control.

Duck /\: The sweep. Good for knocking down people.

OTG Up /\/\: It's a very good launcher, but can only be triggered on a close lying opponent.

Air Move 1: Down Triangle: Sho Ryu Ken. Very good for juggling while in God Hand Mode since the hitbox is huge and the damage insane.

Air Move 2. Up Triangle: Mid Air Roundhouse kick. Very good for juggling while not in God Hand Mode since the damage is huge and it's knock away your opponent very far!

Move Type:

Hard Effect:
Those moves are very rare and apply their special effects on both Neutral and Counter Hit state on every difficulty.
Famous example: Forearm Smash, Palm Wave, Charge Punch (fully Charged), /\ while Holding a Weapon.

CH Effect:
Those moves apply their special effects only on Counter Hit on every difficulty.
Famous example: High Side Kick, Charge Punch (uncharged)

Soft Effect:
Those moves apply their special effects on Neutral Hit on regular thugs and fatties. (lv1,2,3)
Those moves apply their special effects on Counter Hit on elite thugs and elite fatties. (lv1,2,3)
Note: On Die difficulty, those moves can be treated as CH Effect, since regular thugs and fatties are treated as elite thugs.
Famous example: Most of your free move (Duck /\ , Dash /\, Up /\ /\ OTG, Dash []) , High Cross Kick.

Important Note:
Demonic Form Bosses are immune to all special effects, whatever the difficulty.

Bonus Property:

Stand for invinciblity frame. All your evades (backflip, duck, sidestep) benefit of I-frame. The duck has no recovery but your character don't change position. The sidestep has a little recovery but can be exploited on lower difficulty. The backflip has a huge recovery but moves your character away.

Some Moves benefit of I-frame during their startup which make them very usefull to land a Counter Hit.
Famous example: Drunken Sweep, Drunken Twist, Drunken Fall, Reverse Sweep, Duck /\ Sweep (Free Move), Hand Plant Kick.

Huge HitStun:
Some Moves benefit of a huge hitstun that permit to keep harrassing your opponent.
Famous example: Drunken Fist, Druken Twist

Some Moves can be cancel by any evade (Duck, Backflip, SideStep). This can be useful to get safe, but this can be usefull to make combo too since you can cut your recovery off with duck evade which has no recovery.

Stun filling:
Every moves in the game inflict 1 Stun Point on Neutral Hit.
If your move is a multi hit attack, it deals 1 Stun Point per hit.
(ie: chin music, 2 hit = 2 Stun Points).
They are two exceptions to this:
Yes Man Kablam = 4 Stun Points
Granny Smacker = 6 Stun Points
Every moves in the game double up the Stun Point it deals on Counter Hit.
When an opponent has reach his limit (10 regular thug), he become Dizzy.
Note: Mach Jab is a 5 hits multi-hit attack and is very fast with a short recovery: Very good for filling stun gauge.

you can perform a special damaging move by pushing O on a Dizzy Opponent.
Once the special animation is triggered:
=> You are fully invincible (no hitbox)
=> You can mash every face buttons ([],X,O,/\) to deals the best damage that move can.
Another thing important to know is that, when an opponent is dizzy, all your moves double up their damage, and double up their god hand refill. With that in mind, you know you can beat him up a bit more before triggering the O invincible attack.

God Hand Filling:
Every successful duck (Hey Hey!!) refill God Hand.
Every moves landed on Counter Hit double up the amount of god hand it deals.
Every successful taunt (make your opponent in "Rage Mode") refill God Hand.

Successfull Guard Break:
Once you manage to break guard. Every moves trigger their special effects, double up their damage, double up their stun point and double up the amount of god hand it refills.

Synthesis and Exploit:
Important Note: Some people say what follow is broken. Some people say what follow is cheated. I just say it's in the game. Don't use it if you don't want to. I'm just here for aknowledgement purpose.

Drunken Twist: I-frame + Evasive Cancel (Duck) + Huge Hitstun = Infinite combo / frame trap
Note: Work on every one except demonic form boss

High Side Kick: CH Effect + Wall Splat + Evasive Cancel (Duck) = Infinite wall combo
Note: work on every one except demonic form boss. It's very hard to perform on female characters but I saw it once on youtube lol

Charge Punch: CH Effect + Evasive Cancel (Duck) = Launch Fatties
Just cancel them by duck and you will lift them high enough to perform "Air Free Move" on them.

Hand Plant Kick: Hard Effect + I-frame = Launch people easily

Yes Man Kablam Exploit: Evasive Cancel Duck + Refill God Hand!
Land a guard break, you have the time to perform Yes Man Kablam by canceling it into duck.
The probality to make your opponent Dizzy is great since you inflict him 8 Stun point (double up).
If he his dizzy, you have the time to perform 2 Yes Man Kablam before triggering the O Invincible Attack.
perform 3 Yes Man Kablam for refilling purpose. Since that move deals very few damage, you can use one on one fight against "elite mob meat bags" to fully refill god hand for the next battle What a Face

Trigger Enemy System Exploit:
1/ Taunt:
By putting the camera in the right angle, you can call a mook for a one on one fight. What a Face
You can use this to refill god hand on a tough mook, and then unleash god hand for the rest of the crowd.
Some midgets get into rage mode while being taunted but don't rush you up. That means free refill god hand!

2/ Boxes:
Throw a boxes on a mook, and he will come for a one on one fight. Just be cautious to not hit his friend cyclops

Demonic Form Boss Exploit:
As they are immune to all special effects, even when they are dizzy; you can High Side Kick cancel them a lot before triggering the O invincible attack. This will deal a lot of damage.
However, the Yes Man Kablam trick can be a better option if you are not in a KMS Run.
(KMS Run = Kick Me Sign Challenge = No Roulette & No God Hand Unleash allowed)

Super Midget 5 Exploit:
Mach Jab lock them in juggle state.

God Hand Massive Destruction:
God Hand is invincible, God Hand makes all your moves land on counter hit, God Hand double up your damage and double up your stun point.
So unleashing and mashing squarre is very good for one on one fight, but against many opponent, what is the best option?
Get in the very middle of a crowd, Unleash God Hand, Fully Charged "Charge Punch", Sho Ryu Ken x N

That's all folks. cheers

Streets of Rage : Game vs Lore Analysis avaible here
"Back in our day, even real life didn't have graphics this good.
Back in our day, you had one sound effect for 20 things, and you came to love that sound effect.
Back in our day... Streets of Rage - the Classic - the Original - was the best damn game out there."


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