searching bomberlink desperatelly...

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searching bomberlink desperatelly...

Post  cabo-hicks on Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:44 pm

hi to all.

well, like the maddona famous movie, hehe. i was searching how try to contact bomberlink this days, for 2 purposses.

1) just talk with him.

the release of streets of rage 4, was in part thanks to him.

we the fans never losed our illusion about saw a new game in the franchise, and that interest, including the sorr release, maked sor4 will finally appear.

i just remenber him. and today with sor4, i still feel sad and angry. because how the sega management in that time, treat him really unfairly.

could be now this sor4 a possibility of work for bomberlink? i dont know.
i only know that sor4 maybe will have the yuzo koshiro music, as i read recently.

and in my opinion, if sor4 will come... who better than bomberlink to be part of it? the amazing creator of the awesome remake.

i really will love can talk with him about this, and support him to give it a try. being a non direct sega project, and when now sega has a new management. bounce

2) there will be a videogame fair here in seville. his name "retro sevilla". i tried today to register in that group.

when i can write there, i will do some suggestions...

since a golden axe revenge of death adder tournament. (now that the arcade saloon said will get that arcade! Very Happy ) to other things for the museum.

but one suggestion, will be that they invites eduard luna bolaños to the party.

listen guys, the loco malitos maldita castilla arcade was in there the passed year, and we have even the pacman creator!!. so... why dont have this year in there, the awesome master responsible of streets of rage remake? Very Happy king

however, is very HARDEST contact with him. cause the email is older. and he doent appear in facebook neither. scratch

visit for see ALL my crazy cheat codes for genesis & mame32.
things like change the prehistoric isle ending, play as the enemies in double dragon1&2, sonic codes, etc, etc. Wink

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Re: searching bomberlink desperatelly...

Post  Security on Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:36 am

Wow! I always liked retro video game events! If you can afford it, please upload some pics, or footage in general?

Thanks for the news!

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