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Re: Streets of Rage 4

Post  cabo-hicks on Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:54 pm

huh... yes, i dont tought about the engine used. maybe bomberlink will not know these engines. that could be a problem maybe, is truth.  Neutral

other good news!.  Very Happy not only new chars... i just read about the posssibility they will give a surprise about the music... and i read yuzo gived thanks on his tuiter or facebook acount for he support he received of the fans in this days...

i almost bet my eggs, that is very probably that him will join to the project!!.  bounce  bounce  bounce

about playability, seriously guys, i think they must copy the level up systems i saw in similar games, as castle crashers or the new power rangers power battle. that release with points new moves and upgrade habilities has speed, magic, power, etc.

a new beat em up at today, without those level up things, will be boring. or at least, very short to be completed. dont you think the same guys?  tongue

ps: i hope bandai will release power rangers power battle finally for pc too. ;(

iceweb38 wrote:
Mr.Din wrote:
In other news, more characters are planned

Ooooh really? Where? When? Very Happy

cabo-hicks wrote:
ps: by the way, i hope Eduard luna bolaños, aka master bomberlink  afro , will try to contact they for try to work with them.

i dont have idea of what he is doing now, but is an opportunity for show how great he is, and take part on this proyect using his big experience.

in other words... if i could try to reunite the most experienced talents about sor, there are only 4 options:

1) sega sor team menbers, where many could be retired of hard to contact,
2) Bomberlink.
3) behemoth castle crashers creators,
4) some openbor good games creators.

these are the best persons that i saw in my oppinion, for try to get a good streets of rage 4 game. bounce

Hmm I'm not sure what you expect Bomberlink to do on a project that isn't his and how he could help a team that uses completely different programming languages than Bennu or Fenix. Same for Openbor and Behemoth actually. Each of them has certainly a very different view of how to make a beat them all game or what kind of game they want to go with too.

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